best facebook status update ever


Lagusta Yearwood is ships and sails and walnut whales, clams and crabs and cockles and cowries: you know, just chillaxin’.

Why is it the best Facebook status update ever? Because it’s 5 am, that’s why.

Also, I blush when my picture is taken, what’s up with that?



4 Responses to “best facebook status update ever”

  1. veronica

    I like that status update. Also, 5 am? Holy crap!

    In other news, I made the blondies today! They’re yummy, although I overcooked them a little. The cashew isn’t overpowering, although it can be tasted. They’re a really nice fudgy texture though!

    P.S. I like your backdrop.

  2. danielle

    You are ‘cute as a button’ as my mother would say! But in a totally rad, non-pansy-kind-of-cuteness way.


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