the new Lagusta’s Luscious mascot!

Right around Halloween, farmer Jessica (previously mentioned on this blog) grew the most terrifying chioggia beet in the world, and even though I’ve already emailed it to everyone I know, I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Peep this freak:



Veronica was peeling it to make some beet salad and got all freaked out by it and handed it to me. It gave me chills, and I had to do something horrible to it to make it atone for its ugliness, so I made its mouth bigger and forced it to eat its own kind: a beet truffle!



In fairness, my Halloweeny mode was probably helped by the fact that when the beet was discovered we were listening to this insane podcast about a dude who was so obsessed with vampires that he drank his own blood.



Speaking of beets, I am a big fan of chioggias (when they are not terrifying), and a true lover of yellow beets, and have deep respect and affection for plain old beety red beets. But I just can’t get down with white beets. Actually, I can’t stand them. First of all, they are UGG. Ugly as sin, always dingy white when you cook them because little pieces of the skin always stick to them, and I don’t even like the flavor. Whenever I’m rudely telling a farmer that what’s great about beets is their color and how useless a white beet is, they always tell me that white beets are the sweetest beets. Aren’t beets sweet enough, though? White beets have a cloying sweetness, I think. Down with white beets!

If you feel me, perhaps you will enjoy the Bull’s Blood beet, a beet so far to the other end that its redness extends even into its greens, which are often a deep bloody red as well. I just tried to find a great picture to show you, but no luck. Grow them yourself next year and take a good picture!

December 2008 update: I just found them at the Kapaa (Hawaii) farmer’s market, behold!

The Bull’s Blood ones are on the top, with red leaves:



4 Responses to “the new Lagusta’s Luscious mascot!”

  1. Brant Brown

    Hey Lagusta,

    I love all the gorgeous gourds and (in this case) root vegetables on your blog. Takes me back to a time before agriculture was homogenized…On that note, as you are a green anarchist-type, I was wondering if you were familiar with the work of Derrick Jensen or John Zerzan? Their critiques inspire me on a regular basis.

    Keep it up!


  2. lagusta

    Heya Brant,

    Yeah, I have read some Derrick Jensen (Endgame, I liked it), but will make a note to check out John Zerzan, thanks for the tip! Radical. Literally!



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