video killed…

Um. Let’s just say, theoretically, that your friends were in a band and they had some decent scratch from their record label to shoot a video and they wanted you to play a flapper in the video because, well, you’re pals and they like your vintage, uh, look, and also and perhaps mostly because your sweetheart is their manager and he has to go out to LA to oversee the video shoot and go to some band manager-type boring meetings and flights are cheap and you can squeeze in the time off and you decide you’re going to go with him and what the hell maybe be in the video because you only live once, right? So you say you will be a flapper girl as long as you don’t have to dance because you most emphatically do not dance but then today in the shower you start thinking about it and how they are probably going to put all this makeup on you and you might be around real actors and might have to change in front of people because don’t actors always have to change in front of people? And your face always gets all red when your picture gets taken or you have to talk in public too much AND you haven’t even really thought about the implications of your radical feminist cred being, like, totes shredded because you are playing a flapper girl in a boy band video shot in the very unfeminist land of LA.

But the cheapie tickets are bought, and now you will feel silly if you don’t at least hang around in the background. But what if they want you to wear some shortass tightass flapper dress and…so, theoretically, what would you do, wise and political and well-rounded and worldly blogreaders?

Here is what my theoretical friend said to my sweetheart when discussing the video, how scary does it sound? I can’t decide. “lag can be the main flapper girl that lures [redacted] down into the tunnels or a featured flapper or whatever she wants!!!” I WILL NOT DO ANY LURING! I’ll tell ya that. Tunnels? The video sounds freaky, yo. I am freaked.

8 Responses to “video killed…”

  1. Jessica

    Go and have fun! If something seems un-fun don’t do it. If something seems super fun – jump in!

  2. ecclescake

    I would like to say from my perspective of living in the admittedly unfeminist land of la that:

    a) unless the band is really rich ‘n’ famous, don’t bet on being surrounded by pro actors. Most music videos budget for the camera equipment and stuff, and all the background actors must be found for free or cheap — they usually wind up being friends of the band. Except for rap videos with heavily choreographed dancing.

    b) you also probably won’t have to change in public. That’s a theatre thing, not a film set thing.

    c) my face also gets all red when I’m photographed!

  3. Ruby

    So, when are you flying out? Because I just found out about this and since it involves some of my favorite people to watch onstage and there is no possible way I can make it, I think you should go. (I mean, I’m sure you are already planning on it if it works with your flapper flying schedule.) ta-da:

    “The Dave Rawlings Machine will be playing this Friday, December 5th, at Largo at the Coronet, following Jon Brion and Friends. Show begins at 11:30 pm and tickets are $20.”

    Missing this is causing chest pains and if you do not go my broken heart will leap forward, slicing my sternum, catch a train out west and eat your face melty with its bitter acid tears of blood. At least, that’s what it would do if I knew you.

    Sorry for the freak out.

    Back on topic, being in videos is fun, so are costumes. Flapper dresses were generally drop waisted – so, loose and fairly long. Well, short for their time but long for ours. Alcohol helps with dancing, the charleston is super simple and easily learned form youtube videos or renting The Boyfriend, but I doubt it’s necessary. It’s a video, all flashes of faces and limbs and sincere lips singing into old-fashioned oval microphones. Skip it if it conflicts with Largo, but go for it otherwise, and then post links when it debuts.

  4. lagusta

    Cool, cool, cool — thanks for the encouragement!
    I am excited to not change in front of people, am planning on drinking, and perhaps even watching some YouTube videos just for fun.

    Ruby, alas, I don’t fly out until after the 5th–sadness!

  5. ruby

    lagusta, he does this to torture me:

    “If you missed the Machine last week, you have another chance. They will be playing this Friday, Decemeber 12th, in Los Angeles at Largo at the Coronet. 11:30pm $20”

    Also, and I may just be playing Devil’s advocate here, but why is luring so entirely unfeminist? Do tell.

  6. lagusta

    Awww, they are playing a lot of LA shows these days! :(

    I don’t think luring is uncategorically unfeminist, I just don’t want to lure friends of mine…it makes me feel funny.

    I’m at the video shoot now, and although I am happy with my character or whatever, there are also a lot of burlesque dancers walking around (I’m pretty much dressed as Virginia Woolf–they said I could be a flapper, and I said I wanted to be a dyke flapper. They pretty much did it! Except for the heels and pounds of makeup…) and their…uh, LA-ness is certainly making me question why all the third wavey feminists think that shit like that is so awesome. I’m obviously fine with whatever people want to do with their lives, but I certainly question the values of a society that raises otherwise smart women who think that shaking their asses at men is a revolutionary act.

  7. brittany

    omg, are you KIDDING me??? you should TOTALLY lure!!!

    i’v never said shaking my ass at a man is revolutionary… but it’s certainly fun! ;)


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