from the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association newsletter


“Please note that we cannot accept any dishes brought with wild mushrooms. This is very important as we don’t want anyone inadvertently poisoned! Store bought mushrooms are fine, and non-mushroom dishes are also fine. Feel free to bring beverage of your choice.”

Damn! I’m always telling neophyte mycophagists* the importance of taking mushrooming seriously, and this really makes the point: the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association is full of paranoid ‘shroomers! I completely agree though—there is no way I’m eating some random wild mushroom dish at a MHMA potluck, or any potluck, for that matter.

But my god, I love the mushrooming world. I love the Latin names, the prettiness of all those “myco”-prefixed words (mycoremediation, mycology, mycophagous, mycophagy), just everything. I was never into science or botany or biology or anything like that as a kid (though my grandfather was a well-known Chicago naturalist, I never met him, sadly), and my hunger for myco-knowledge appeared suddenly a few years ago and has only grown with time.

I’m planning to finally read Mycelium Running this month, have any of you read it? I sort of always pretend to have already read it, because I’ve read excerpts and so much about it and the greatness that is Paul Stamets, but I figure it’s time to stop fiddling around and just read it. Mycelium: another adored word in my collection. Tempeh makes a mycelium too, did you know that? Myceliums are everywhere. (This is not related, but I want to brag here that I made some tempeh in a log shape recently and it turned out pretty good! It was barley-soybean tempeh, pretty tasty! This is even less related, but I am thinking of getting some t-shirts printed up that have a cute drawing of tempeh and the words “the soyfood with culture” –how awesome would they be?)

My mate Gary Lincoff was just on LenLo, did you catch it? Is it just because I am out-of-my-mind exhausted, or are all the comments to that segment hilarious, mostly unintentionally so?

It is 1 AM, I have been working long, long days for too many days to count; I am going on a quickie vacation tomorrow then a long, long one next week; the house is clean and tidy in preparation of housesitters; and in just twelve hours I will be shedding layers like my childhood rattlesnake pet shedding skin: in short, life is wonderful. And I got to slip a few semicolons into this post! My happiness is complete. I am going to celebrate this moment by indulging in my favorite pastime: eating carbohydrates in bed.

See you soon from a whole other side of the country, mates.



*I mean, even after many workshops and classes and forays, I consider myself a neophyte, too, but I sure seem to run into a lot of scarily trusty new ‘shroomers who tell me weird “rules” that are totally not true—all blue-stemmed mushrooms are not tasty and/or edible and/or psychedelic, people!

2 Responses to “from the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association newsletter”

  1. ecclescake

    If you got those t-shirts printed I would definitely buy one. But if it was white I probably wouldn’t wear it. I have a phobia of white clothing.

    And now that it’s too cold to make tempeh in my apartment without an incubator my tempeh spore from GEM cultures arrived. Arrangements must be made! Up with culture!

  2. brittany

    oooooh cool! you should come with me in the spring when i venture into the woods in search of morels! :)


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