shoes & shit

A couple consumerist notes:

A truffle client of mine had me send a box of truffles to this person as a holiday gift—wow! What a hoity toity vegan business! Though it’s not my world (I’m a tote bag girl—the very word “purse” makes me slightly nervous), I know that girlie girls are going to keep buying fancy bags like this, so I guess it’s good that vegans are making high quality vegan ones, no? I guess. And weirdly I really want this t-shirt, even though it violates my American Apparel ban:


On a decidedly more crunchy note, I am all about Simple Shoes. I find it’s really hard to walk the line (oy!) between overly hippie shoes and overly girlie ones, and of course needing vegan shoes complicates everything exponentially, so when I find good vegan eco-friendly, not-too-crunchy, not-too-girlie shoes it’s a real treat. I’ve been rocking a pair of their GT Janes I got at Moo Shoes a few years ago—mine are an apparently discontinued pattern that is a lot cuter than these ridiculous plaid ones, but this is the same shoe, so you get the idea:


They are insanely comfortable right out of the box and are slipons, so they are great for flying.

I’ve been looking for a nice pair of boots for a while. I have never owned a pair of boots before (with the exception of rain boots and hiking boots) and my walking life has a very large boot-shaped hole in it that I think I should finally remedy. When you live in upstate New York, you should really own a pair of boots. I manage pretty well sneaking in and out of the car with sneakers on (oy! Shoe puns, I can’t stop myself!), but I feel my life will dramatically improve with proper winter footwear. So the boot search is on.

I was eyeing these weirdo ones from Tom’s Shoes for a while:


Until I realized that they are not boots at all, but shoes with elastic bands that wrap up your leg. I think there is something possibly very cool about these, but I don’t really understand what it is, and since they are not really boots, I can’t really justify buying them to find out how cool they really are.

I’d like to know how Tom’s shoes in general are—they seem like a good company, but the shoes look a little cheapie. But they have lots of vegan shoes…unfortunately their coolest ones aren’t vegan, like these:


Gold slipons, yes!! Do any of you internet peeps have a pair of Toms? I’d like to know the skinny.

Bootwise, I think I will go with these Simples in the end, especially since I can try them on at Mooshoes:


Don’t they look warm and cozy? And not too much like the dreaded and horrid Uggs, right?

On a different shoe note, my house is strictly shoes off, so my partner and I have been halfheartedly looking for good slippers for years now—vegan slippers made by a good company that aren’t horridly ugly or too hippie and are soft and appropriate to wear in our freezing cold house: good luck. We’ve been on the search for years, and our front closet is littered with thin, cheap, and/or super ugly slippers.

Last month we came across Soft Star Shoes, however, and I think our slipper dreams have come true. A small company that handmakes nice warm vegan slippers for a strangely affordable price? Wow. Jacob ordered a pair and loves them, I decided to wait until his were safely awesome to order my own, and I am sufficiently sold–his are super soft, but still shoe-y enough that you can walk around the house and not feel like you’re in your socks.


And they are sufficiently slipper-y that you won’t leave the house with them on, which happens to me all the time with my current house shoes, a free pair of hideously ugly hot pink Crocs whose magnificent ickiness is so immense that when I accidentally leave the house wearing them I am seriously tempted to walk into the store or restaurant shoeless in 30-degree weather just in case I run into anyone I know.

Though I admit I get a thrill from opening a nice new shoebox, the greatest shoe pleasure in my life is when someone drops off an entire size 9 shoe collection at my little local Salvation Army and almost all of them are serviceble—what a thrill! Of course, this is why I own 50 pairs of shoes with 45 of them either “sentimental” shoes I no longer wear but can’t bear to part with (hightop black Chucks with holes in both soles and “Meat is Murder” in giant letters Sharpied on the sides, it is of you I speak) or Salv shoes I bought because they were $2 and “who knows, someday I might need to wear 4″ stilleto heels!”

Actually, this summer I did wear one of those thrifted heels to a wedding—not 4″ heels, maybe 1″, but a big moment for me nonetheless. Ten minutes before I had to leave I realized the buckles were missing and thus the shoes were completely unwearable, but this didn’t phase me. Instead of switching to a wearable pair of shoes, I made the ridiculous decision to fasten them with 1″ Lagusta’s Luscious “Don’t eat death!” pins. I can’t justify or explain this decision, and it was one of those times when someone really should have been there to stop me before I left the house with these on:


Thankfully, I knew I couldn’t wear heels for very long and brought along a backup pair of black ballet flats that I changed into immediately after the ceremony and before the service, but I got enough stares before that to let me know that yes, this was a very weird thing to have done.

Oh, shoes.

Oh, wait, two more things:

What the fuck do you think “Kitchen sliced green beans” could possibly be? Kitchen sliced, as opposed to garage sliced or airport sliced?


And, I took a picture (OK, Jacob’s sweet cousin Albert took it) of bull’s blood beets at the farmer’s market yesterday—I mentioned them a few weeks ago, remember? They are so pretty, go check out the picture!

3 Responses to “shoes & shit”

  1. brittany

    my winter boots are moon boots! my pair is neon pink with silver accents, although technica has every color/pattern imaginable!

    they are waterproof, warm, completely vegan (depending on the style) and are extraordinarily comfortable, to the point where they are ambidexterous (if there is a such thing for your feet) due to the memory foam soles inside the boot!

  2. brittany

    we can be twinniez! haha they might still sell them at dig in saugerties… otherwise check out zappo’s… they’re around 130 (about 20 bucks cheaper) and it’s free return shipping on unused items up to 1 year from when you get them!


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