truffle movie!

Veronica had the idea to make a movie of the truffle-making process to show people how crazily labor-intensive it is—so we did! Check it out (and die of cuteness, if I do say so myself!):

Lagusta’s Luscious Truffle Fabrication from lagusta’s luscious on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “truffle movie!”

  1. Claycutter

    Just watched your delightful movie; that Veronica sure is fast. Watching it made me remember my childhood with the famous baker mother. I could feel the chocolate clinging to the side of the bowl as I swiped my finger around the inside of the bowl, then lifting a fingerful to my mouth. I have known paradise.

  2. jenna

    this is so adorable and DIY, it makes me feel all warm and mushy inside. it makes me doubly-happy that i can go snag one of your truffles from my fridge right now and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    it also makes me want to go to the sock-hop.

  3. Luann

    That is totally awesome (and awe-inspiring, if you’re lazy like me). I showed this to my 17 year old neice and she was kind of blown away, too.


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