Passover favorites? Easter favorites?

Hello eaters of the world!


One night last year in Hawaii I made this for dinner, and it killed Jacob, Than, and I with its awesomeness—twice-baked Okinawan sweet potatoes with fried carrot curls and scallions. All credit for the awesomeness of this meal goes to my favorite root in the world, Okinawan sweet potatoes—have you ever had these amazing dudes? They are super sweet and ludicrously rich and brilliantly purple, and my mouth is watering right now.

For the first time, I’m planning to offer special Easter and Passover meals in large sizes for my clients this year (like my Thanksgiving meals). Being a godless super secular Jew I don’t have much experience with either of these meals, so I thought I’d turn to the power of the vegan internet—what are your favorite springtime holiday feast dishes? Please share your thoughts!

I’m not so into a seitan stew, a weird faux lamb or ham thing, or a kugel (unless you can point me to an amazing recipe!), but other than that I’m open to anything.

Here’s what I have so far:

Mushroom lasagna with homemade pasta, mushroom veloute sauce, spinach, and sautéed house-made super thin tempeh

Tzimmes (glazed carrot coins) with lemon slivers

Haroseth (special Passover dried fruit and nut condiment)

Stuffed cabbage rolls with sauerkraut and apples and creamy dill sauce

Apple, dried cherry, and walnut salad with maple dressing

Seitan bourguignon with broccoli, peas, and local asparagus

Young beets with almond skordalia sauce

Spring vegetable soup with matzo balls

Chocolate toffee matzo candy

Dark chocolate bunnies

Strawberry pie

And….that’s a start!


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