beautiful is Kaua’i beyond compare: a Kaua’i guidebook


Whenever a friend goes to Kaua’i, my heart-home, where my sweetheart Jacob’s father lives and where I spend a month out of the year, I send them a little guide to my favorite places on the island. It seems it would be easier if I put this all online with links and pictures and whatnot. Thus: My personal Kaua’i guide.

It’s not comprehensive at all, but I’m putting it online now with a vow to continually update and expand it in the coming years.

If you’re a Kaua’i visitor with a tip or qualm, be sure to come back to this page after reading it to leave a comment!


photograph courtesy of pohanna

4 Responses to “beautiful is Kaua’i beyond compare: a Kaua’i guidebook”

  1. Ken


    i miss the islands, especially kaua’i
    i also felt so at home there- a bit more like myself
    it is a terrible shame the way the islands and their people have been treated and continue to be
    and that is the reason, in part, i could not stay
    but the waves and rocks and sand and green green green
    are always in my heart
    thanks for the virtual visit back to the island

  2. lagusta

    Hooray for fellow Kaua’i lovers! We should form a little upstate missing-Kaua’i support group for when it gets too cold and gray!

  3. Dave


    I took my first trip to Hawaii last year and now it’s hard for me to think of wanting to visit any place else in the near future. I stayed in Hana, which is a sleepy little town in Maui. I’m thinking of visiting Kauai this year, but I’m worried that it will have too much of a touristy vibe. I liked the isolation of Hana. There’s more locals there than tourists, 2 small grocery stores, and my partner and I basically had to cook most of our own food since there is only 2 or 3 places to eat there and they’re not very good. We spent most of the time there taking mild treks through forests, enjoying swimming holes and red and black sand beaches, having local sourdough and fresh fruit on our porch populated with several friendly stray cats and geckos every morning…just a relaxing, but active good time, and basically all of our money exchanged went only to locals. I guess my question for you is, do you think Kauai can offer the same vibe? Many of the towns in your guide like Princeville, Poipu, Kapaa, Lihue, and Wailua are noted for being the major resort areas, but at the same time Kauai is the least populated and most rural of the islands. I’m curious, but worried that it won’t be as nice as my stay in Hana. Any thoughts?


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