i am trying to break your heart (the economy’s got me down)

It’s not that these all came at once, but today they are just breaking my heart:

“Lagusta –
Welcome back.  I’ve agonized about this, but I think I should take myself off your rolls.  Your food is as delicious as ever, but with two kids and dinner at home every night, it doesn’t make sense for my life these days.  I will miss you!”


“Dear Lagusta
Due to the financial crisis we chosen to halt your services with
this week being the last.  Our family has truly enjoyed your food
and the care with which it has been made, and will continue to
recommend (and remember) your service.  If circumstances change we
look forward to any opportunity to subscribe again.”


“HI Lagusta

Have to cancel for now until some clients pay me

will be ordering more in the future as soon as things look up.”



unfortunately, i need to cancel my order for this coming week.  i just balanced my checkbook to find out that i have less money than i thought – my dog walker hasn’t cashed her last several checks.  it looks like it’ll be ramen for a week for me. :(“

2 Responses to “i am trying to break your heart (the economy’s got me down)”

  1. kevin

    Bummer. If your service was in Philly I’d definitely make use of it!


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