faust arp (monday miscellany, Thursday edition)

Is today Thursday? I’m all screwed up. Vacation is over!


I just don’t want to have that depressing post below at the top anymore, so here is some randomness to fill up space.

Have you ever heard of Surinam cherries? I found them at the Kapa’a farmer’s market. I love them, but everyone else who tries them says they are too tart for their palates. Aren’t they pretty though?


So, when Ken Greene recently commented on my Kaua’i guidebook, it reminded me to gush about how great his business is: The Hudson Valley Seed Library! Talk about resistance is fertile! Not only can you “check out” seeds just like a book library (you grow the plants then return some of your seeds to them), but you can also buy super beautiful seed packs of seeds from him that are perfectly suited to the HV.

Sometimes people come up with projects that are so amazingly brilliant that it just makes my heart skip a beat, fo’ real.

AND!!! Their gorgeous seed packs were designed by Megan & Sarah, aka Treeo Design, who are also designing my new choco boxes. They are a 100% p.c. recycled paper business that I’m super proud to be working with (though I am not super proud to end that sentence with a preposition…). They are also identical twin sisters, how can you resist that?


Read this next part quick before Jacob asks me to take it offline, as he has this idea that he wants to be this mystery man on the internet and never have his name (Jacob Jon Minor Feinberg-Pyne, that is) come up on Google searches:

My sweetheart Jacob is (kinda sorta) up for two Grammys (Grammies?)! Here’s the deal:

He recorded two Kathy Griffin live shows (apparently you can see a peek of him here and there on some TV show Kathy Griffin has??), and the resulting live album of one of the shows is up for a best comedy Grammy! Don’t you think that since the Grammys are for sounds that he should get a Grammy if she wins since he was the sound engineer? He made sure the sounds sounded good! SO I think he should get a Grammy.

Even though we have several friends who have been up for Grammys and a friend-of-a-friend who once won one, no one seems to know the procedure for how many actual Grammy statues you get to give out to your crew when you win. (I bet a blog reader with a first name beginning with E might know this answer, at least as it relates to the Oscars…)

The second one is a bit more of a longshot: Jacob recorded and mixed a few live Adele shows in NYC that he then mixed in his studio into a live EP. The EP was then included as a bonus disc for an album of hers which is now up for a Best Album Grammy. Jacob is making the case that both albums collectively made up the album that was nominated….I’m not so sure. I’m also not so sure how little Adele got so big so fast and is now up for such a big award, but good for her!

At any rate, if either of these ladies wins I will not rest until a Grammy is sitting in our house. I have it all planned out that we are going to put it above the toilet so guys can gaze at it when they take a whiz.


And finally: In an email I received recently, Cynthia McKinney reminds us:

“As we are about to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, let us remember that he said:

1.  The United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, and
2.  Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter.”


PS: New Paltz Greens! Come to the meeting tonight!

6 Responses to “faust arp (monday miscellany, Thursday edition)”

  1. Ruby

    I have a big surinam cherry tree in my yard at home, right next to the porch. I miss that taste so much the rest of the year, although I do have a bottle of surinam cherry sherry that my step-dad made in the liquor cabinet in Chicago.

  2. ecclescake

    Heh, I know absolutely nothing about the Oscars (and Grammys) except that I used to live right around the corner from the Kodak theatre and boy did it suck to live there come Oscar time. Red carpet blocking your every turn!

    And wow, those cherries look awesome! Wonder if they would grow around here? Ooh, maybe. I need a garden.

  3. Ruby

    I rarely drink sherry, next time you you or Jacob come to Chicago I will bring you a little bottle.

  4. abovegroundpool

    these suriname cherries are……pitangas! lots of people in the NE of Brazil use them as hedges, but only the brave eat them or make juice from them. i love that suck in your neck action they bring, and wish i were in Recife eating some (and some cashews roasted by the side of the road) right about now. done with this snow!


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