good news for vegans who love bad news


Oh, I am such a bad person!

Two bits of delightfully bad news:

Panda totally mauls dude at Beijing zoo: I love it when shit like this happens! If I lived in a zoo I would maul everyone I came into contact with, wouldn’t you?

Nonvegans getting salmonella, always perks up my day.

And! Upstaters, have you been to this place? Veronica pointed it out to me, and I long to go! Cow Jones Industrials in Chatham, NY!

3 Responses to “good news for vegans who love bad news”

  1. be(the)cause

    unfort, this most recent outbreak is from peanut butter… most likely vegan, of course :(

  2. Maggie

    I also enjoy when animals maul people. You know that these people are taunting the animals and therefore the mauling is justified. If I ever meet that panda I’ll give him a big high five.


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