breaking: mainstream feminist magazine editors love mainstream politicians

Why is there such a furor over this cover?


It’s not like Ms. has been the voice of radical feminism for, uh, like, a good fifteen years now, if ever, so it’s actually perfect that they are offering a pin-up of the dude who talks the talk and is giving less and less indication that he will walk any walk by the day. Obama is the perfect poster boy for the Ms. Magazine brand of feminism: it says all the right things and gets very little done. A good heart and an eloquent pen and a practical mind, and we just keep muddling along.

I know all the Hillary crazies are going insane about it, but that’s not what bothers me. Well…nothing bothers me about it, actually. Ms. Magazine and Obama are perfect for each other. I no longer look to Ms. Magazine and mainstream politicans for revolution, for salvation, for “change.”  I’m happy they are there, because they are certainly worse than nothing and worse than the center right, but the mediocre center left has nothing going for it except a contrast with what could truly be.

I so long for the clean sharp snap of real political change, for a president who isn’t so afraid of losing face that he refuses to take leaps.

I almost wept when I read this today:

Clinton Sympathizes With Palestinians In Confirmation Hearing

I eagerly clicked—what great news!

Here’s the story:

Hillary Clinton sent a message to Israel Tuesday during her Secretary of State confirmation hearing testimony, telling the Foreign Relations Committee that because of the conflict in Gaza “we have …been reminded of the tragic humanitarian costs of conflict in the Middle East, and pained by the suffering of Palestinian and Israeli civilians.”

Mainstream American politicians are famously reluctant to utter the words “suffering” and “Palestinian” in the same sentence. By breaking from that tradition, Clinton appeared to send a signal to Israel that that it would not have a free hand to operate in the Middle East…

YES. She was said to “sympathize” with them because SHE SAID THE WORD PALESTINIAN. She dared to admit that Palestinians are actual human beings, capable of feeling pain and actual emotions.

Oh please. Oh vomit.  If this is progress in the Middle East….I don’t know.

My heart is so heavy I don’t think I will ever be able to pick it up off the floor.

2 Responses to “breaking: mainstream feminist magazine editors love mainstream politicians”

  1. Johnny Peepers

    I think it is offensive because it plays to the tired old flat-chested bull dyke stereotype. They could have least airbrushed some A-cup baby-feeders onto Obama.


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