home snowy home









3 Responses to “home snowy home”

  1. inspireart

    hey !
    so, i got all inspired to see your blog after you left … & i’m looking for the website for chocolates, but i think it is not up yet
    – anyways … did you guys get that wilderness sign from the basement? i brought it back with me from idlewild california after my summer hiking in the san jacinto mountains – it lloks very nice out in the wild : )

    nice to see you tonight xoxo

  2. lagusta

    Oh boy, did we steal that sign? It’s been up for 4 years, you never noticed it before? I think Jacob did find it in the basement, though he told me that you got it hiking, and somehow I have always told people you gave it to us, as that’s always what I thought, though I now clearly remember him finding it in the basement. Hmm.

    The chocolates website is not up yet, soon soon soon!!!!

    It was super lovely to see you tonight too!


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