containers co-op

For New Paltz people only, a notice I just sent to the New Paltz Times:

For my meal delivery service, I use reusable containers that are washed and sterilized each week. However, I have been searching for eco-friendly disposable packaging alternatives for one-time orders such as gifts of meals. I know that many food businesses around town would also like to use corn-based, potato starch-based or otherwise recyclable and/or compostable disposable takeout containers, but the costs are often many times that of styrofoam or plastic containers. In an attempt to save money for all of us, I am looking to start a sort of containers co-op of businesses and individuals who would go in on a large order every few months from a company that supplies eco-friendly containers. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at Please include the approximate number of containers you use per month as well as the exact sizes of your current containers and prices (so I can attempt to find comparable prices). If you know of a company that makes eco-friendly containers, please let me know that too! I will research our options and email everyone to discuss the next step.

6 Responses to “containers co-op”

  1. LJD

    Mahn….I so wish you delivered out of states. Those boxes of cookies area making me salivate! ;-)

  2. ecclescake

    I just ate at a locavore organic vegan Japanese joint called Shojin (recommended the next time you or Jacob are in LA — it’s a little uneven but some stuff is so good) and we got too full and decided to take the rest of the meal home. I was disappointed when I was unpacking into our fridge and saw that they’d packaged everything into old-fashioned plastic containers, but when I ate the leftovers I saw that the containers were labeled “compostable.” They’re from NatureWorks PLA. When handling them I couldn’t tell it wasn’t the same old plastic they have at every deli.

    Hmmm…this may be the same company Veronica listed above. my containers are those rounded rectanglular boxes with fluted sides and they doesn’t seem flimsy at all…at least, not more so than other deli containers.


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