chili madness

Just a quickie note because I’m deep into truffle world (which is going much better than yesterday, hooray!!): I’ll be participating in the Water Street Market Local Foods Chili Cookoff tomorrow, Saturday, from 1-3 at Water Street Market. I’m putting the finishing touches on my chili right now, and, well, why not just be straight about it? It’s ridiculously awesome, filled with amazing ingredients like homemade tempeh, homemade paprika, beer, chocolate, fresh chile paste, and more local ingredients than…well, let’s hope than the other chilies, so I will at least win the “most local ingredients” prize! There is also a people’s choice award, so come and vote for my chili and say hello to my freezing self (it’s outside, unheated, for 3 hours, what’s that about?). Or, if you prefer, you can just pray to have heaping coals poured on my heathen head. Either one is cool!

Lag out!

10 Responses to “chili madness”

  1. veronicathevegan

    Ugh, I’m at the Rosendale library trying to warm up after the Ucat bus failed to show up. I waited half an hour in the cold to no avail. Oh, well. Good luck!

  2. lagusta

    Oh noes!! That sucks!

    You’ll be happy to know, however, that I won “Best Vegetarian Chili” anyway, woo! I got a sweet gift certificate for any store at Water Street Market, and am thinking of taking a few peeps out to dinner. Maybe we should have some sort of blog dinner thingie, as I actually ran into 2 blog readers at the chili cookoff who(m?) I had never met, how fucking rad is that? I’m too dorky to even pretend it’s not rad. It’s rad! They were rad!

    Also, I am drunk. Mudd Puddle (Oh, I love that cafe!) was selling wine and gave me a GIANT cup of wine for $3.50, so I am completely and totally drunk at 4 PM in the afternoon with 6 hours of work to do ahead of me, wooo!

    I’m sitting here at 60 Main next to a ridiculously adorable dog. WHY ARE DOGS SO MUCH CUTER THAN PEOPLE?

  3. abovegroundpool

    hey drunkard, it was lovely to meet you, too. thanks for a great lunch, your chili deserved the prize!

    and, even in your inebriated state, you’re so right about the dogs….

  4. lagusta

    Oh hey, I didn’t know you two were “abovegroundpool”! I read your blog all the time! neato, neato.

    • lagusta

      Ah! Sure, I can share the basic recipe, but I did a ton of messing around and improvising for that exact one. When I get back I’ll post the recipe though!

  5. wintergreens

    Thanks so much. I dream of all that goodness in my beans, but am at a loss for how to make chocolate work properly in there. That NP cookoff was the final knockdown blow to my believing that I’m a good cook! There’s a hefty moat between those that cook and those who actually know what they’re doing with flavor.


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