monday miscellany: links, a product, a conversation

  • Good Guide–I read about this somewhere and it seemed really neat, but now I can’t remember exactly why.


  • My friend Jenny just rolled out this ridiculously lovely swimsuit and more collection—click and fall in love! They are so handmade, so vintage, so adorable—so much like Jenny herself, who is truly one of those bubbly, outgoing balls of light whose brightness amazes me. Jenny has to be the only person in the world who lives in LA and is around fashiony and famousy people all the time, yet is never pretentious or stuck up or even jaded or hipstery.
  • Are you mildly in love with pepperoncini peppers, but are always looking for ones without yellow dye and sulfates? I finally found my dream pepperoncini: Zorba brand. Hooray!img_0926

Conversation with a new friend at the Chili Cookoff: “It’s funny to meet you after reading your blog, because…”

“Because I am so incredibly not crazy in person, in contrast to my crazy, angry, radical, wild blog self?”

“Yep, exactly.”

“I know. Everyone says that.”

5 Responses to “monday miscellany: links, a product, a conversation”

  1. Dustin Rhodes

    Damnit. I am hoping that, when we finally meet, you really are crazy. You know, in an angry radical way.

  2. Dustin Rhodes

    PS: I couldn’t decide whether or not a comma is necessary between angry and radical; kind of works either way. I think I mean “angry radical.” I suppose only time will tell.

  3. lagusta

    I think it works both ways! Well, I will make an effort to be extra crazy when we meet.

    Actually, after I wrote that I remembered a time a few weeks ago when I was super crazy angry radical and it freaked someone out: Jacob, his sweet, sweet sister who I adore (Pohanna! Now she will find this because I told her she should get a Google alert for her name) and her rad boyfriend and I were driving to this little town on Kaua’i, Koloa, where I was worried there would be no more beautiful monkeypod trees because the year before developers had been about to raze them to build a mall. (I talk about this on that crazy Hawaii guidebook thingie from a few weeks ago)

    When we pulled into town, yes, the monkeypods were gone, and I was so upset. I said the first thing that came to mind: “Oh, they are gone after all. Oh, I want to set myself on fire in front of all these tourists like people did during the Vietnam War. Immolation.”

    And I think Po’s bf, not knowing me all that well, was pretty freaked out. I did feel that way at the time, but it wasn’t like I was going to do it, I was just expressing my feelings in my typical Jewy exaggerated way. Then we went to get some sorbet, the moment passed, and I felt sad but not suicidal in about ten minutes.

  4. Maggie

    thanks for the link on those swimsuits. it looks like someone finally made a suit I want to wear and for my body type. Either I’m a dolt or there isn’t a link to buy her stuff, but how can I order one of her suits?

  5. lagusta

    You are right-I emailed Jenny, and she said:
    “They can email me at as I am taking orders for production right now.
    I’m working on my webstore this month, so it should be up soonish…”


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