that girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood / I’ve got news for you: SHE IS!

WOW. I could watch Peaches videos all day long. I even love the wrong Peaches!

My favorite has to be this one.

And do you know about the Avril/Peaches thing? It’s fascinating!

I have to say though, I love that Avril “boyfriend” song. Oh, and have I told the story about the first time I heard Avril? Oh, yep, I did.

AHH, WAIT!! I HAVE FOUND THE VERY BEST VIDEO ON THE WHOLE INTERNET! Oh blog, I have never told you that I have a secret love for bears (specifically the gay kind, but I also like the wild animal kind). Combine that with my decades-long crush on Kathleen Hanna, and here we go: prepare to die of awesomeness, a bear tribute to Rebel Grrl!!

Feeling much better!

2 Responses to “that girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood / I’ve got news for you: SHE IS!”

  1. abovegroundpool

    Glad you’re feeling better after your chocolate valentine’s work frenzy and “I hate” vents! You’re creeping me out with the things we have in common, because how many women walk around saying they love bears and actually mean the human homo kind?

    I have fantasized for years and years about having big “wear your own fur” campaign/fashion shows starring bears and hairy dykes. I think hairy vegan chefs, “honorary lesbians,” should most certainly be involved in the show!

  2. lagusta


    Oh, and bears, SO ADORABLE! I especially love the little cubs. How hilarious and awesome and bizarre (in a great way) that world is. I used to have a bear cub BFF who was super super into the bear world and always wanted to chat with me (or, really, anyone) about it for hours and hours. He once totally stopped conversation at a party by randomly announcing that he had, by his own count, slept with 247 men.

    I still think about that—a lot.


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