I can no longer say I am a terrible photographer



The difficulty of getting the wiggliest puppy ever to sit still for a portrait cannot be underestimated!

I think we need a closeup, don’t you?


Maybe a super closeup?


OK, maybe not that close.

5 Responses to “I can no longer say I am a terrible photographer”

  1. be(the)cause

    the preciousness overwhelms! also, are those the vegan slippers you’ve written about? if so, how are they holdin’ up?

  2. lagusta

    1) YES! How perceptive, those are indeed the slippers, and they are holding up wonderfully!

    2) Alas, we did not get a puppy. But Jacob’s sister did, and she came over for a playdate.

    3) Synergy!

  3. Jessica

    that is the cutest puppy picture i’ve seen in a very long time. warmed my frigid nyc lost my job heart!


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