sometimes my cat noodle and i dress alike, is that weird?





Sula sure thinks so:


8 Responses to “sometimes my cat noodle and i dress alike, is that weird?”

  1. Chutney

    Will I lose my vegan cred if I attend a non-vegan baking program? Also, a band called Propagandhi wrote a song about killing and eating Sandor Katz. It is strange.

  2. lagusta

    Oh my gosh!!!!!! That song is ridiculous. I’m as against stupid “humane meat” as the next insane vegan, but poor Sandor! He’s a good dude, even though he is currently making homemade proscuitto. Unlike certain restauranteurs I could mention, he is always sweet on vegetarians. Not everyone can be awesome enough to be vegan!

    I am all for you attending a nonvegan baking program! But not, of course, eating the nonvegan stuff!

  3. lagusta

    Um, this article was RIDICULOUS! So, this woman writes an ENTIRE BOOK hating on women—calling them fat, losers, idiots, etc, then tries to get on the “love your body” bandwagon? Fuck that. She’s trying to play both sides, talk out of both sides of her mouth, and get paid for clear misogyny while still being loved by those of us who know that body-hatred is fucked up. I’ve said it before, and I’m just going to keep right on saying it: Rory Freedman is a fucking idiot.

    Sorry. :(

  4. abovegroundpool

    I think everyone’s lost their sense of humor a bit, and don’t give each other enough credit.

    I wouldn’t have written that song, but that’s their version of critique, certainly not a death threat. Sandor is delightful and doing fabulous work, his position on meat a little narrow, and he took the song way too seriously. Generally, he’s happy for people to disagree with him.

    Rory is a part of a world that’s far far from me or my interests, but she’s a really good person also doing her best, and I think, though she’s not going about things the same way your or I would, is very much trying to improve life for both women and animals. I found the book to be a mockery of all that “fat thighs” garbage, while understanding that self-hating is very real for many women. (Disclosure: I only bothered to read the first book, so all the pregnancy mania, etc., might’ve pushed me over the edge.)

    I find all the drama and in-fighting to be pretty funny, but I guess being amused with drama is part of being a dyke.


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