monday miscellany, Thursday edition: a little bit of everything


Bullet points, here we go:

  • Suddenly everyone I know is getting engaged, is pregnant, has a baby, or is married. HELP!!!!! Two friends got engaged this week, two are pregnant, one just had a baby. Where are my radical unmarrieds? Stand up! Be proud!
  • If you’re a graphic designer/vegan chef/office worker looking to while away the hours with podcasts that don’t ask too much of your brain, here is a good list, and also here. I find that I can’t work in silence and sometimes even music isn’t quite enough, but a podcast will use just enough of my brain that the rest is free to work and work and work without background thoughts intruding. But finding a podcast that doesn’t make me angry or annoyed is always a challenge. Speaking of: hey, internet, would you like a list of the podcasts I listen to? If you’re interested in the wide worlds of podcasts, I’d be more than happy to share my thoughts on the ones I love, the ones I like OK, and the ones I only keep around for when it’s 2 AM and I’ve gone through all the good ones and are forced to listen to the dreaded vocabulary ones.
  • Interesting!
  • Also interesting, Nu-Ride, a ride-sharing thingie that I might sign up for–has anyone done this?
  • About that Propagandhi song discussed in the comments to this post: I don’t find it funny at all, I find it annoying. For about 10 minutes in college I liked Propagandhi’s music, and I’ve always liked their politics, so this is all disheartening. Yes, Sandor’s position on meat (his response to the song is here—scroll down) is ridiculous, but COME ON.
  • In related news, I was interested to read this account of Sandor’s experiences at Terra Madre (the Slow Food thing in Italy in October)—I saw him a few weeks ago and we talked about the vegan cheese he discusses in the article with much excitement. The details:  “…I even encountered a gorgeous example of a dairy-free “cheese,” Keckek el Fouqara from Lebanon. In Wild Fermentation I included a recipe for kishk, a Lebanese ferment I had read about and learned to make, combining bulgar wheat with yogurt to ferment. But of course no cultural tradition is singular. Keckek el Fouqara is known as “poor man’s kishk,” and it is an adaptation of the kishk method by those without access to milk. The bulgar is mixed with water and salt and formed into small balls to ferment; the balls are then stored in spiced olive oil for a rich taste sensation far cheesier in flavor than any other vegan cheese I’ve tried.” Doesn’t it sound awesome? If you try it, let me know.
  • My BFF Christy’s BFF runs this vegan bakery in Portland, doesn’t it look magnificent?
  • And finally: New Paltz, why are you so rad? Thank you to the fine upstanding citizen who sent in my Netflix movie when I left it on top of my car and drove away. You could have had a free copy of Boy Culture (a great movie! If you like the tone of Dexter, all dark and internal, but with a happier theme–love–this is the movie for you)!
  • Finally finally: it has come to my attention that some of you are reading this blog through something I still don’t entirely understand called an “RSS feed.” This worries me, as I think (but am not sure) that it sends you the content of the blog post as soon as I post it, perhaps even instantly. I usually publish a post then go and check all the links and check for typos and things, so you might get weird mistakes if you are reading it through a reader. But if I’m totally mistaken and this is not what an RSS feed is, then, uh, keep on with it.
  • I’m off to have lunch at Strictly Roots, yum!


Oh, the filth! On so many levels!

7 Responses to “monday miscellany, Thursday edition: a little bit of everything”

  1. Maggie

    where did you get that “keep your rosaries out of my ovaries” bumper sticker? that is great!

  2. lagusta

    HA!! I assure you, I didn’t write that on the car, someone in NEW PALTZ, heathen-land itself, did!

    Maggie–I actually can’t remember where I got that sticker…but I bet if you Google it you might find one? For some reason I have a whole bunch of bumperstickers in a file somewhere and I feel that might be one of them, so I will look for them & send you one if I find it!

  3. brittany

    sigh… i know, i know. trust me, it isn’t sitting that well with me. i’m looking at it as a compromise instead of being a terrible hypocrite sell-out — having kids (soon) is really important to me. getting married before having kids is really important to jason. and here we are. i guess the highlight is it gives me an excuse to buy things that i would normally buy anyways (but feel bad about) and also an excuse to have a kick ass crazy drunken picnic party post-ceremony. plus, i’m trying to get him to agree to donations in lieu of favors, with one of my choices being the alternatives to marriage project (

  4. lagusta

    Aww, sorry to hate on you! It was kind of assholey for me to write about that, because I totally understand that you two are compromising (I’m not saying that in an insulting way, but in a “good relationships sometimes depend on compromises” way), and because the other friend who got engaged this week actually eloped, and he did so because otherwise his girlfriend would have been deported. So my friends are cooler than I thought, and as usual I should be nicer on the internets.

    Yay for donations instead of favors!! (Except, um, that Lagusta’s Luscious makes wonderful favors! Ah, I couldn’t resist.


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