plans and reveries video up, yo!

I completely forgot to point out that the aforementioned video in which I

1) Wear makeup for the second time in my life

2) Wear horrifyingly uncomfortable heels for too many hours to count

3) Spend the day surrounded by slightly terrifying LA types who do their best to live up to their stereotypes (leggings and Uggs, leggings and Uggs)

4) Have a life-changing epiphany about my need to wear drop waist dresses

all in the service of making a two-second cameo in a friend’s band’s music video is now online!

You can see me looking catty at all the 1920s hos at around 1:58, and Jacob (also wrangled into service as an extra though, as the band manager, he was technically the boss of the whole operation) shortly thereafter.

My friend Than (drummer) STILL has that ridiculous mustache, I can’t believe it.*

Oh what the hell, I’ll just embed it here too:

*Speaking of Than, this blog post of his reminds me all over again why he (skirt-chasing drum-obsessed valley boy) and I (quasi-lesbian ultra-political intellectual) are BFFs—a shared love of sloppy Tex-Mex (or, in this case, New Mexico Mex)!

3 Responses to “plans and reveries video up, yo!”

  1. ruby

    That blog entry made me so hungry and I’m stuck at work with unappetizing food (and three kids that look good enough to eat, hmm…)

    The Mexican in Chicago sucks and it’s made worse by the folks that think it’s good. Midwesterners who’ve never had a decent burrito in their lives, blecch. We have decent Costa Rican though, I think I’ll grab some on my way to rehearsals tonight.

    Also, I spotted you, way to look period.

  2. Sasha

    I loved the mustache! It looks fantastic.

    Great video clip, I loved the flapper element.


  3. Veronica

    I’m not sure what to make of the video, but you look so awesome!
    I thought there was supposed to be some sort of vampire theme too??? I didn’t really catch that…

    That mustache is pretty awesome, does he have to use mustache wax?

    P.S. Happy Happy Birthday!!!


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