loomstate, I think I love you

After this, I’m going to go back to (or perhaps more accurately: begin) writing about serious shit, peeps. Postmodernism, a cookie recipe (it’s a very serious cookie), and more—no more fluff!

But until then, oh my oh my. I bought a pair of jeans so gorgeous I have to share:


For a little holiday coming up, I decided to treat myself to the rarest of rare pleasures in my life: new clothes. I buy a fair amount of clothes (and, apparently, shoes), but almost never new ones. But when organic cotton Loomstate jeans went on sale at Sodafine, I decided to jump on it.


I snapped up a pair of classic brown corduroys that fit perfectly and are super soft, as well as a pair of super tight off white darlings that are simultaneously my tightest and yet most comfortable pair of pants—how can that be? I think it has something to do with the miracle of 2% Spandex.

Just as I never thought I’d be a shoe person, I never thought I was a white pants person, but now I own two pairs, though this one is a more off-white, ecru, creamy color with pretty contrast stitching. _igp0572

And SOFT, oh they know from soft at Loomstate. These are worn-in jeans, friendly jeans, and they encourage you to stay friends with them by washing them as little as possible. Here are the adorable care instructions:

We think it’s best to wash these with a little shampoo while wearing them in the shower or bathtub. You’ll notice the indigo will bleed so don’t spend all day in there. While they are wet, bend your knees to stretch them out, but don’t strain yourself. You’ll know when to take them off. When done simply hang to dry in the sun. If you must use a washing machine, use cold water and set the dryer on low heat.

For best results, live in them, and don’t wash them too often.



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