patriarchal puzzlement


How is it that I have a degree in feminism, yet I can never remember if “patriarchal” or “patriarchical” is correct, or if there is a difference, and if so what the difference is? I am pretty positive “patriarchal” is always correct, but Ariel Levy is throwing “patriarchical” and “hierarchical” all over the place in this podcast, and just like she don’t know no nothin’ ’bout vegans, I don’t think she’s right. The article she discusses though (the lesbian separatist movement in the 1970s, out of which my favorite place on earth, Bloodroot Restaurant, pictured here, evolved), was so fucking rad that I will forgive her.

(HA ha! My dudey—albeit pretty rad—landlord just walked into the kitchen as the speakers were blasting “there was a moment in the 1970s when lesbian sadomachosism became a big thing….” and he had the most deer-in-the-headlights look you have ever seen.)


AWW! I think this is already on the blog somewhere, but I love this picture of Selma and me so much I have to put it up again.

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