synergy of being

Look at this crap email asking me to pay $1,500 for the privilege of (allegedly) putting free samples into the hands of the rich and famous!

So many awesome phrases used in one email, I can’t hardly stand it: “our celebrity friends,” “hot, cool and
useful products,” “gatekeepers,” “celebrity ambassadors for the environmental movement,” “the Entertainment Industry,” “Valuable editorial angle,”  “invaluable networking opportunities with Press, Agents, Publicists and Stylists,” (my dream in life has always been to have any kind of networking opportunity—invaluable or not—with a Stylist with a capital S), and, of course, “Synergy of being grouped with a larger value gift assortment.”

As a matter of fact, I am going to change the name of this blog to “Synergy of Being Grouped with a Larger Value Gift Assortment.”

(Also, I Googled this person, and she is apparently not British. So what’s up with “favourite,” “endeavour,” etc? Her bio does include one clue: “Jeanne’s interest in sporting art was fostered at a young age, having been raised in an equestrian environment.” Horse freaks are always stuck-up like that, don’t you think? Ah, to have been “raised in an equestrian environment”…)

GREEN GIFT BASKETS GO TO HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES for Earth Day 2009 chosen by Jeanne Chisholm

Earth Day
in Hollywood ’09
Go Green!
We enjoy a reputation for introducing our celebrity friends to hot, cool and
useful products. In honour of Earth Day, we will be gifting our favourite environmentally-
conscious stars with some of our favourite organic/green/socially-conscious products and

This is an opportunity for you to have your product placed in the hands of some of
the most influential celebrity ambassadors for the environmental movement.

Shipping Deadline:  For arrival no later than April 15th
Delivery: Week of April 20th
Holiday: April 22, 2009
QUANTITY 30 (Includes 5 Press Samples)
FEE $1,500   – Gift Bag Inclusion

•Tremendous and immediate brand awareness and association
with highly-recognizable talent in the Entertainment Industry.

•Inclusion of your direct contact information for future orders,
inquiries, thank-you notes, etc.

•Consultation with our marketing team for maximum exposure.
•Supplemental PR efforts through our extensive media contacts.

•Copies of any electronic, Internet and print media coverage.

•Synergy of being grouped with a larger value gift assortment.

•Valuable editorial angle that can be pitched to your media contacts.

Getting your product into a star’s
hands can be a tricky endeavour.  They
have many gatekeepers who censor
what they see and hear.  Because of
our industry reputation, contacts with
talent representatives and direct
access to celebrities, the chances of
your product being used by these
celebrities is exponentially higher
than a mailing you might do on your
own to a random point of contact in
the person’s entourage.

Jeremy Piven
Heather Graham
Justin Timberlake
Bill Maher
Adrian Grenier
Jake Gyllenhaal
Leonardo DiCaprio
Melissa Etheridge
Sheryl Crow
Eva Longoria
Tobey Maguire
Drew Barrymore
Ellen DeGeneres
Kathy Griffin
Bette Midler
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Holly Robinson-Peete
Rosario Dawson
Tina Fey
Alicia Silverstone
Ricky Martin
Courteney Cox

You might also have an interest in our Mother’s Day Opportunity

VIP Entertainment Marketing

Our extensive résumé of events includes the GRAMMY Awards, the Daytime Emmy Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, the Latin GRAMMY Awards, the American Music Awards, the MTV Movie Awards, the Kids’ Choice Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Image Awards, the BET Awards and the Tony Awards.  Our gifts have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, The Tonight Show, Extra, Access Hollywood and E! as well as in People, O Magazine, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, The L.A. Times, US Weekly and hundreds of other international, national and local publications.

It is our commitment to discover and implement opportunities for enhanced public perception through press exposure and celebrity association on multiple levels. Our programs offer several key benefits to our clients:

Ø             Builds brand image and expands presence within the Entertainment Industry.

Ø             Integrates product into the lifestyles of key influencers in the Entertainment Industry.

Ø             Aligns your product with high-profile events that target your intended demographic.

Ø             Establishes optimal platform to launch new products.

Ø             Provides interaction with Celebrities who are typically outside of the grasp of traditional marketing efforts.

Ø             Offers invaluable networking opportunities with Press, Agents, Publicists and Stylists.

Ø               Creates interesting press angles and celebrity connections for press releases/pitches.

3 Responses to “synergy of being”

  1. Veronica

    What a scam! I’m honestly in a bit of shock right now.
    Let me get this straight: You pay money for celebrities to get swag at awards shows???
    What a strange world Hollywood must be.


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