monday miscellany

Randomness, GO!


  • I really really really REALLY liked Michelle Obama’s footwear choices, until I read a comment on this post pointing out that the reason she might not wear heels is because if she did she would be taller than the President, which I am sure is against all laws of the universe, and now I’m sort of bummed out. I’m sure there is no way to know if she doesn’t want to wear heels because she knows they are a patriarchal trap (she’s got those fucking amazing arms, after all), or if she wants to wear heels and can’t because she is living inside a patriarchal trap. The mind reels.
  • For some reason, this Leonard Lopate segment on six word memoirs totally made me cry—and then right in the middle of it a friend of mine was on with a hilarious memoir of her own, which I won’t share because I know she wants to be anonymous (her memoir was racy!). I love the six word memoir idea (and, apparently, so does NPR, since I’ve heard about it on maybe five shows.). I still think the original, by none other than Hemingway, is still the best: “For sale, baby shoes, never worn.” Awwwww. I’ve come up with a million, but none really capture my life perfectly. Here’s the best I can do, still pretty mediocre: “Sad childhood, then Jacob, chocolate, politics!” What’s yours?
  • My other go-to WNYC podcast, Brian Lehrer, had a great segment on bartering this week. I don’t use any of the (potentially sketchy) barter companies mentioned in the segment, of course, I do it straight-up anarchist style and just talk one-on-one with my fellow skillspeople (did I just make that word up?). In five years of constant bartering, I’ve only been burnt twice: once by a fashion designer who never sent me the dress I’d traded meals for, and once with someone who I don’t feel lived up to their side of the deal. Not a bad record, considering the amazing skills, things, and tasks I’ve bartered for: ad space, deliveries, spare sets of hands, kitchen equipment, photography, amazing art, massages, books, web design, graphic design, publicity, restaurant meals, clothes clothes clothes, picture framing, and so much more. Almost one quarter of my business is barters, how awesome is that?
  • Hey, want a good cry? This tragic story will bring instant tears to your eyes—a 9-year-old girl was raped by her stepfather in Brazil, and the Catholic church objected to her having an abortion. Even worse, the story seems to imply that she was pregnant with twins. I’m a little worried that she was even menstruating by 9…oh my gosh this story is so so sad.
  • On the lighter side, I love reading the comments to Alison Bechtel’s blog (she of Dykes to Watch Out For fame) because whenever someone uses a phrase like “penmanship” someone always points out that it should be “handwriting” or something. It’s not so much the way I roll, but I’m glad there are womyn like that still around! (Also because you get comments like this: “I’ve been reading this blog for a while, but haven’t worked up the courage to comment until now. First of all, Ms. Bechdel, I have long admired your Dykes; I must have read your collections at least 100 times.)”
  • Bryant Terry has a rad-looking new cookbook out. Bryant went to The Natural Gourmet when I worked there. He was a super sweetie, and brilliant to boot. I’m so happy to see his success.
  • And finally: radical unmarrieds, a sad cautionary tale: having a general power of attorney is not enough—you’ve got to specify that it will allow you visitation rights in hospitals. Ugh, the paperwork associated with being awesome is tiresome, isn’t it?


Hey, are the links blue and ugly for everyone, or just me? They used to be prettier, I don’t know what happened.

11 Responses to “monday miscellany”

  1. orlande

    you really *are* a “quasi-lesbian” in a het-ro relationship. i’ve been looking for your kind EVERYWHERE. because really, are there that many straight womynz who enjoy rooting out alison bechdel’s blog and laughing at dudes’ discomfort with lesbian separatism?! ah, how you tickle my lesbian-in-need-of-at-least-a-COUPLE-of-non-homos-in-my-life fancy.

  2. lagusta

    Dustin, is that your 6 word memoir? Yes, I am madly in love with her and have been for years—I still think of the Dykes characters as friends of mine. Oh, Mo! Oh, Sydney!

    Sally, yep, AB’s blog is pretty rad—enjoy!

    Orlande, yay! I’m glad I can be your quasi-hetero friend. I used to feel weird about calling myself a “political lesbian,” but then lesbian friends of mine said that they more they got to know me, the more the title really fits, so I figure if real lesbians say it’s OK, I’m sticking with it. I loves me my Jacob, but other than that, I am a woman-identified woman, for sure.

  3. lagusta

    Then again, the post below this one contains a picture of naked dudes so….well, I guess, like everyone else, I’m nuanced!

  4. Ilene

    ‘preciate your protecting my privacy :) Must correct you on Hemingway, though. The story goes that it was a bet – to create a six word SHORT STORY, not a memoir. And he came up w/that little heartbreaker. Since then there have been many such contests, and it was transmogrified to a six word memoir by (I think) the folks at Smith Magazine, who collaborated w/the Lopate staff on that segment. Here is the link to the Smith site where y’all can submit your words for potential fame and fortune (well, fame at any rate):


  5. orlande

    personally, i might reject “political lesbian” for anyone but you – you’ve beyond proved it.

    also, re: nuances, here’s one for ya: their butts were kiiiinda cute. just sayin’.

    also x2, i feel weird and creepy not giving you my name since i’ve been lurking and commenting for months (although you might not remember it, it’s chill). my name is andee, and i live in colorado.

  6. lagusta

    Yeah, I don’t walk around calling myself a political lesbian—that would be ridiculous. Just wanted to make that clear.

    Hello Andee! Yay, I am sort of dorking out right now with the happiness that my little crazy blog is pulling all kinds of lovely people to me and maybe creating a sweet little community. On the other hand, it makes me hesitate more when I have mean/crazy things to say, so I guess there are pros and cons. ;)

  7. orlande

    but your occasional (mean? crazy?) bitterness is so relatable! don’t stop!

  8. Katy

    Just throwing it out there, but the reason why I don’t like to wear heels (in addition to all the obvious reasons – uncomfortable and I never learned how to walk in them…) is because I either look down at or in the face of 90% of the world as it is and it just gets deadly dull. I happen to like looking up every once in a while – it’s refreshing! So I never got in the habit of heels because it only ups the percentage of shorties. And I like being just as tall as I am and therefore don’t feel the need to be any taller either. Just saying.

    • lagusta

      Yep, those are pretty much my reasons too. But it would be fun to be an amazon for a day, wouldn’t it? But I think you already are…I think you’re taller than me.


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