Ariel Levy New Yorker lesbian separatism article, take two.

As an addendum to this post, here’s what Selma of Bloodroot had to say when I asked her for her take on the article:

Dear Lagusta,

It is interesting that suddenly there is this nostalgia for the good old 70’s. In Montreal, our friend Myriam Fougere is wanting to make a film about lesbian separatism. Of course, I never heard of this woman Ariel whatever. We were definitely about politics, and S/M was considered a disgusting tool of the patriarchy. We did know pro S/M ers, like Joan Nestle, of lesbian herstory archives, and we did not get along. Wouldn’t you know the New Yorker would find some obscure weirdo to discuss lesbian separatism! Myriam, or course, knew the women most inspiring to us, and were friends with the Canadian ones….the real lesbian separatists. They had quite an active community, and we visited with them several times…they still go to FL to see some of the others, each year.


PS: I’ve got to brag about this—how rad, how touching!

2 Responses to “Ariel Levy New Yorker lesbian separatism article, take two.”

  1. Monique

    I need to contact Selma, I am looking for separatist communities worldwide, to join or in fact to be in touch as I suppose I shall be forced to create my own community (in France), knowing only of one very small community in France, existing since 20 years, also I am feeling very isolated, and I can’t join this precise community, they are not open to new members and there are some problems too. I will email at Bloodroot.
    Lesbian political discussion groups, non-mixed ones, have disappeared in France in the end of the 80’s, periodicals such as Lesbian Connection where some separatist communities were advertised as well, I went twice to the Michigan Women Music Festival, but I was young, and then my life was too busy, when the lesbian political life was not interesting anymore, mixed with gays, turned into entertainment or simply around AIDS… And I just thought I was alone and lost my goal in my mind, committed into lovers or survival jobs, studies, instead.. feeling more and more depressed, until I quit everything, until I quit UK and found back some activism in France, tried to launch again a lesbian political discussion group (in reality, not on the internet) and posted on the MWMF’s forum where someone helped me, writing about me to this community who contacted me..
    Any lesbian who wants to come in touch with me about separatism and existing communities is welcome, here is my email : and my phone is simply in the French white pages…



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