Quickly, quickly, so I don’t lose a bet to be in bed at the insanely early hour of 2 AM, two notes:

  1. 10,000 years ago I wrote up a FAQ all about my meal delivery service, and I just got around to uploading it today. It’s not very interesting or relevant to most of you.
  2. This is only slightly more relevant, but it is at least much more interesting: come to the launch party for my new chocolate line! The organic Champagne (OK, it’s American sparkling wine, made with the MĂ©thode Champenoise) is so tasty, you will love it. As, of course, are the chocolates (more info on them coming s*o*o*n).


5 Responses to “housekeeping”

  1. orlande

    i just read your “upcoming meals” section and about melted into the couch. your food sounds like TRUEST DELIGHT.

  2. Joshua May

    I need to come and visit, it seems. Chocolatastic!

    Do you make your own chocolate? I’m actually keen to make (not only tempeh, but) chocolate from beans.. but the equipment is a good couple of thousand Australian dollars, and I can’t see myself getting quite that much value out of it. Not something I can onsell or share either. D’oh!

  3. lagusta

    I don’t make my own chocolate, but it’s been a goal of mine ever since this day:

    I am dying to try it for fun, but I think that the reality is that the beans themselves (hand-grown with care and aloha on a small farm in Hawai’i) would cost more than what I am paying for finished chocolate (and I pay, wholesale, almost double what most non-organic, non-fair-trade chocolatiers could stand to pay, so my chocolate is not cheap at all), and so I don’t ever see it being a viable option for large quantities—unless people would want to pay $4 per truffle or something. Probably not a likely prospect. But i will get around to it sometime soon!

    And, based on my research, I bet you can get a set up going for just a few hundred American dollars—it seems to me all you would need is a roaster (but you can use an oven, I think); a fermenting situation which you can hook up with just a few glass jars and a heating pad, most likely; a conching machine (i hear that small ones aren’t that pricey)—basically just a grinding mechanism that will go for hours upon hours upon hours…and maybe that’s it? I might be wrong, but I have seen set ups that are about that complicated. Improvise, make it work! And report back, of course.

  4. brittany

    absolutely cannot wait! i’ll get caught up with my ladies of the day for march, too xoxo


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