monday miscellany: wednesday “While the 2- to 3-year-olds recognized 8 out of 12 brand logos, most 8-year-olds were able to recognize 100% of the logos” edition.


  • Look at these beauties: buttons and other wearables made from melted plastic bottles. They have a lovely otherworldly beauty, but I am a little worried about the fumes the artist inhaled when making them…. (Via Mighty Goods)
  • This American Life has an AMAZING segment this week that perfectly articulates my feelings about the going-to-college dilemma. At first I was preparing to write an angry expletive-filled retort, thinking it was going to go down the typical you-must-go-to-college-to-be-a-productive-member-of-society route, but I underestimated my beloved TAL—it ended up in quite a different place. Awesome.
  • My junk might be on some pee-cam porno website, as I use this bathroom once in a while (of course, I’ve never bought anything at Starbucks—perish the thought! Ick.) Ick ick ick ick ick. (Via Brittany’s Facebook)
  • Hiding friends on Facebook: best idea EVER. Why am I friends with so many sketchy dudes? Must. Be. More. Selective.
  • Oh, David Foster Wallace. When his books were coming out, I was in a phase of not reading books by men, a sort of affirmative action program I enjoyed very much. But I just read the long article about him (and the fiction by him) in The New Yorker, and it was heartbreaking, and it made me put Infinite Jest on my reading list, and oh, how sad, how sad.
  • I’d already read one piece of his, though: a few years ago my love for Gourmet magazine under the helm of Ruth Reichl was cemented when they published an utterly mind-blowing long, long, long piece about, pretty much, why you shouldn’t eat lobsters, by DFW. They had sent him to cover some horrid lobster festival and the manifesto he came back with, “Consider the Lobster,” was so beautiful that it actually made me cry. Ruth Reichl’s gutsy decision to publish an explicitly anti-lobster-eating article in a food magazine was equally beautiful. She got lots of angry letters, but she found a fan for life in me.
  • I need to take some great photos (of you-know-what), and I have a great camera (Jacob’s). Whenever I use it I set it to “auto-focus” and it works OK, but I want super-focused, beautiful, professional photos, which I think entails setting things like “f-stops” and maybe “apertures” or something (those are the only photo words I know). Do any of you know any sites where I could read, very quickly and in super dumbed-down wording, how to set, um, f-stops or whatever they are called to take truly great pictures? I am hoping I don’t have to become a giant photo geek who knows everything about everything to take a decent non-auto-focus picture. This camera scares me, can you tell? It is very heavy. It has lenses. I’m terrified of it.
  • My feeling about the dreaded wraps, pretty much exactly (thanks to Aaron for the link). And I’m sure you’ve seen this, but it kills me every time, so here it is again.
  • My sweetheart is currently in the wilds of Austin at SXSW (here’s how he describes it when people are all “I heard SXSW is so awesome! It’s amazing that you go every year!!”: “Yeah. South By. Um. Here are my two least favorite things: Brooklyn hipsters, and Texas. At SXSW they combine. It’s amazing.”) working no less than twenty shows in five days with three bands (how is this possible? I am still not sure), but before he left (which I could also have written as “right after he came home”), we had this hilarious exchange: “Ahh! You just scratched me! Do you have man nails? You went away for three weeks and now you come back with the dreaded man nails?” “You mean—males?”
  • And finally: I got the Adbusters corporate US flag in the mail today as a gift for my subscription, and since the rainbowy “pace” flag I’ve had up for five years literally disintegrated recently, I am thinking of hanging it (um, I am not sure why, but my house came with a flagpole. Yes, it is weird.). My mom thinks I should hang a flag with a picture of two kittens frolicking on it that she bought for me (oh mom. Kitteh house!), but somehow I can’t bring myself to do it. But I’m not sure about the Adbusters flag. My problems with it: 1) I don’t want people thinking it’s a fucking American flag. 2) I don’t want to look at those damn corporate logos all the time waving above my pretty roses. 3) What if people don’t get the irony?
  • And finally for real: I am tempted to completely stop my life, move into my friend Than’s currently unused apartment on West 93rd street (right down the street from both Zabars and Lush!) and work full time on the Reverend Billy for NYC mayor campaign. Damn capitalism, keeping me chocolatizing all day long instead of in the streets!


2 Responses to “monday miscellany: wednesday “While the 2- to 3-year-olds recognized 8 out of 12 brand logos, most 8-year-olds were able to recognize 100% of the logos” edition.”

  1. ecclescake

    About that flagpole (I almost wrote “re: that flagpole” but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it)–my grandpa’s house has a flagpole and he always flies the jolly roger. It makes me smile.


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