ChocoVision, will you marry me?


(One of the best things about not believing in the idea of marriage is that you are free to mock it by asking things and companies and people to marry you all the time!)

Oh, how I love ChocoVision!

When my Rev Delta tempering machine (Rev Delta, will you marry me too?) acquired some sort of software glitch, I brought the machine to them (how amazing is it that the one company in the world making the one machine I use on a daily basis is headquartered twenty minutes from me?) and they fixed it within a day, then returned it to my doorstep! Yes, Matt, their amazing fixer dude, does live in New Paltz so it’s an easy trip, but that is just ridiculous.


Also, can you believe that ChocoVision makes all their machines in Poughkeepsie? Actual manufacturing happening right here in upstate NY: it makes this small business owner mighty proud and even a little bit optimistic about the wisdom and strength of local industry and economies of scale.


(I totally do not get this ad, though, do you? Is it some technical tempering machine joke that is going over my head? Do other company’s tempering machines use light bulbs somehow?)

6 Responses to “ChocoVision, will you marry me?”

  1. Joshua May

    ANOTHER machine I’d have to buy now? Stop giving me bad ideas

    I’m debating the worth of shipping over a Santha and polishing the dust off the ol’ Champion.

    I reallyreallyreally (really!) want to, but it’s gonna end up being like $1200AUD. That’s a pretty hefty outlay for a machine I’m going to leave behind in a few months anyway..guhhhhh

    I should stick to tempeh. Eventually.

  2. Art Pollard

    Your question about the ad ….. Hilliard’s machines and a number of others use lightbulbs as the heater element.

    As a followup for Joshua about the Santha …. The Santha’s are fun to play with but they don’t hold up well. I go through two a year just running bean samples through them. The only alternative I have been able to find is the Inno grinder which looks nice but I left it running one evening and the next morning, I came back and the motor had melted the outside casing — clearly a potential fire hazard.

    The ChocoVision machines are great. I’m on my second (I sent one back when I upgraded) and I really love using it. It is easy and reliable.

    Amano Artisan Chocolate

  3. lagusta

    Ah! Thanks for clearing that up.

    YUM! Amano chocolate, I’ve had it once before and it was ***wonderful***.


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