awesome: vegans against PETA blog (also: choco bunny love)

Oh radical radical radical awesome radical! A whole blog devoted to my most favoritest subject: vegan PETA bashing! First Twisty is getting all Carol Adams’d out lately and now this! Good shit.

Let’s celebrate with a pb-filled bunny, OK? Or maybe…five. I think I am getting way too interested in the new (to me) world of 3-D chocolate molding. These two bunnies were my first big(ish) molds, and now all I can think about is how I want to do more more more.


“I’m her mom!” “No, she’s not!”



I am so in love with these bunnies that cutting into this one actually caused me physical pain. Yes, that is how vegan I am.





11 Responses to “awesome: vegans against PETA blog (also: choco bunny love)”

  1. jenna

    your bunnies make me squeal with delight, as did your ”kittens inspired by kittens” reference. i so wish i had a way to get to the chocolate party next weekend. best of luck with the new, adorable endeavors!

  2. The Venerable Vegan Empress

    Aw, thanks! I love your blog, too! Also, you and your readers might be interested to know that I’m always looking for ideas for posts and people willing to write, as I have a full-time job, classes and volunteering and don’t get to write nearly as often as I’d like. Just drop me a comment with your email (I approve them all before publishing and will edit out or delete your info) and we’ll talk! (Er, well, write, but you know!)

    Thanks again for the vote of confidence!

  3. ecclescake

    You know, I get all drooly when I see those Reese’s commercials with the chocolate bunny kissing the jar of PB and turning into a choco-covered PB egg even though I know that Reese’s stuff just isn’t that tasty, let alone being nonvegan and all that.

    I really want to, um, devour that bunny.

  4. lagusta

    Yes, I was pretty much physically restraining myself to not do a post consisting of nothing but “I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens, I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens, I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens, I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens, I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens, I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens, I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens, I love Kittens Inspired by Kittens.”

    I think I’ve watched it probably 10,000 times. If there was an endless loop of KIbK, I would play it all day long.

    In other news and because I have randomly had a giant glass of wine tonight: vegans: what do you think about vegan Easter chocolates shaped like eggs? It freaks me out.

  5. orlande

    i would trade something valuable for those beauties. except i think i’d have a similar problem with the chopping. those ears… THE CUTENESS OVERWHELMS.

  6. jenna

    i have sort of stopped appreciating the whole food category of vegan-food-shaped-like-non-vegan-food especially after seeing this tofu-shaped turkey on the PPK:

    that was just way too gross for me, and i feel like there are so many other foods that don’t reaffirm oppressive standards for who is consumable… there’s really no need to shape our tofu like birds or our chocolates like eggs.

    then again, i super-loved those chocolate bunnies, so i’m kind of a hypocrite. maybe it’s because the average person doesn’t just pick up a whole, adorable bunny and stuff it into her mouth, whereas that exact thing may happen with a hard-boiled egg or a turkey leg. i dunno.

  7. lagusta

    Yeah, I agree. I give that loaf turkey points because it looks so well done, but it also really hurts my heart. Imagine if feminists made cakes shaped like women who had been imprisoned and beaten to death, you know? Ick ick ick.

    But the bunnies! I say they are OK, and not just because I’m making them. I could have just as easily made cats or butterflies or another cute creature, you know? Now if they were in the shape of rabbit stew or something….that would be disgusting.

    One part of me, though, likes the idea of vegan egg chocos because they almost take egg-eating out of the realm of reality and celebrate the egg as an actual thing in and of itself. I mean, most egg chocolates are certainly celebrating eating eggs and coloring them and all that, but I could also make the argument that they could be a vegan statement against egg eating. I’m not about to start making them or anything, but I don’t have such a problem with it.

  8. lagusta

    Wait, you’re calling my organic, fair-trade super duper high quality bunnies JUNK? Chocolate isn’t junk, my friend. It’s made with 2 primary ingredients, one of which is fermented and completely natural, the other is, yes, processed, but so is flour! Ah, you probably don’t eat flour, I’d guess. I don’t want to live that way, but if it works for you I wish you all the best. But, I use evaporated cane juice sugar which is minimally processed, if that helps out at all. And my pb ganache filling is just organic 100% peanuts plus sugar and homemade vanilla and sea salt. No junk in there!

  9. Mad Bluebird

    These PETA ninnies can use COMPASSION in their rediculous protests and ads but show not one bit of COMPASSION to the 95% of the animals they killed animals that could have been good pets ended up discarded in a dumpster


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