women of the world: American Apparel is playing a joke on you.

I’ve been thinking this for a while. As you know, I am a recovering AA shopper. I am in AA from AA. The further I move from the AA universe, the more I realize that some of their styles have to be misogynist jokes. Am I wrong?

Then again, can I really talk? I own this piece of wedgie-inducing ridiculousness IN TWO COLORS.


8 Responses to “women of the world: American Apparel is playing a joke on you.”

  1. Rachel Rabbit

    But! I love the ballerina dress. I have it in magenta. I like to spin in it. They make ridiculous clothing and sometimes I need that. I’m surprised you missed snapshotting the super shiny dresses and leggings and what not. They have been putting fairly implausible things out recently. I have fallen in and far far out of love with them several times.

  2. lagusta

    I’m still not quite sure. Here are the reasons I will give:
    -fag hags: DO NOT GO TO AA WITH YOUR EXTREMELY STEREOTYPICALLY GAY BOYFRIENDS. They will, as mine did, (um, he IS A HAIRDRESSER) say things like “girl, it almost makes you look like you have an ass!” until you buy things you should not buy.
    -Also, it was on sale.
    -Also, I thought I would wear it as a “beach cover up.” I realize now that that makes no sense. I can wear it nowhere, in no way does it go over a bathing suit. It is tight in all the wrong places (like my labia). The straps are as thin as thread. It’s a one piece tightass velour 1980s romper taking up valuable real estate in my crammed closet! And I honestly have no words to explain why I have two of them.

  3. lagusta

    Rachel Rabbit, truth be told, I would buy AA to this day, if not for the fact that their owner dude is a super creep and their fair labor practices are a scam and their offices and shops are super sketchy dens of serious sexual harassment. If not for all that, I would buy the shit out of some of their cheapo, falling-apart, one-wash-until-the-seams-start-ripping stuff. Their Le Sac dress (http://store.americanapparel.net/rsa0300.html)? I could make it in five minutes, but if I didn’t have ethical qualms with AA, I would own it in five colors. Seriously. I understand the hold they have on you, girl. Resist! They are icky!

  4. abovegroundpool

    Yeah, absurd, except for pom pom socks: those are a staple item for everyone, no?

    When I had trouble getting into recovery from shopping at AA, they weaned me by making only clothes that are impossible for chubby girls. The one or two flattering items disappeared. Nothing in the entire store except for an overpriced sweatshirt would work for me, thus ending our relationship beyond them providing clean bathrooms for my use when in the city. I guess the socks might fit…

    Part of the problem, methinks, is this: there are 462 easy guides for going vegan, but zero (that I know of) for going sweatshop free. And even though we know their “fair labor practices” are BS, anyone else who makes it known that they pay their workers well are over the top expensive. Not expensive as in the extra 30 or 40 bucks to pay for the time properly, but EXPENSIVE. You used to be able to find a thing or two on etsy, but now those seem to be through the roof as well.

    So if thrift shops can’t fulfill are your needs (being filled with all the same old navy garbage you find elsewhere), and you don’t have time to learn to sew/make your own clothes, you’re in a tough spot. Making friends with brilliant people who know how to sew and bartering with them may be the only way. If you’re that person, feel free to contact me!

  5. Liz

    Here’s the thing: I’m 5’8” and weigh 115lbs. How is it that eveything from AA makes me look like I have a fat ass? It isn’t because it’s cut with my self esteem in mind. I don’t need a boost, but shit, don’t go out of your way to make me feel like a tubby loser….

  6. lagusta

    Seriously, pom pom socks? They remind me of high school in a most stomachachey way. But whatever floats your boat!

    And: “there are 462 easy guides for going vegan, but zero (that I know of) for going sweatshop free.” So true!! And also so true that thrift shops are full of mall clothes. I’m constantly getting shit from people letting me know that I’m wearing Abercrombie shirts or Old Navy skirts—come on! the Salv!

    My solution is to work ever harder to scour thrift shops, buy clothes at antiques shops, which are sometimes a middle-ground between thrift shop blah and super pricey etsy stuff, and splurge on (or barter!) handmade clothes from tiny shops as much as I can. I also can make my way around a sewing machine fairly well—enough to shorten a hem or change straps, not enough to make anything from scratch. But yes, what a battle it is!

    And YES Liz–AA clothes also make my non-ass strangely sketchy, UGH.


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