Oh my pretties, my darlings, all you beautiful revolutionaries—life is wonderful sometimes, is it not? Springtime and dresses and boyfriends and, yes, even crazy moms. And, oh, just maybe, 936 chocolates, a brand new website and a brand new venture. And champagne, homemade horchata, blood orange punch with saffron, and a passel of lovely friends to share everything with. A toast to hard work come to fruition, and more good hard work to come. Pretty lights and mingling and just the whole thing.

To beauty! To sweetness! To enough! To bounty and hopefulness!

To my brand new baby girl: Bluestocking Bonbons by Lagusta’s Luscious!












9 Responses to “launched”

  1. Joshua May

    “We do not ship out of the continental US. Not because we love the US so much, we’re in fact rather ashamed of it, it’s just where we happen to be.”

    I’m coming to visit. Be afraid.

  2. moirabot

    congratulations! what an inspired project. looking forward to trying these when i visit the US in august.

  3. abovegroundpool

    Thanks for such a lovely party, and the inspiring work you’ve done!

    It was great to be a part of the launch. I got to say “you’re totally a vulva blocker, dude” to a guy hovering over the chocolates, and he got and appreciated the joke. To me, that really indicated the fine quality of the company!

  4. Sasha

    Congratulations Lagusta!

    What an inspiration.

    I would’ve loved to try the peppermint patties & coconut drink -yummo.

  5. brittany

    so beautiful, wonderful, fantastic… perfect evening <3! i love you and CONGRATULATIONS!!! it’s finally here! :) xoxo

  6. lagusta

    Awww, thanks everyone!!!
    Thanks so much to those who were able to come, it was seriously amazing to think that you were there because of this little old blog. It warmed my cold bloggy heart!

    (Hmm, that line about being ashamed of the US is a holdover from the Bush admin. I guess I’m not so ashamed these days, I should probably change it. Then again, there is still so much to be shameful about, isn’t there?)


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