Brittany launches a blog!

First of all, don’t ever say you’re having a great day on your blog. The next day you might wake up and find an email calling you a liar for no reason at all, as I did today. Yes, the person later apologized (thanks to everyone who jumped on her until she did!), but still, what a way to harsh your chocolate mellow, no?

Moving on, beloved Brittany—the queen of Facebook (916 pix of her on FB? YES. SERIOUSLY.), New Paltz superstar, Resistance is Fertile commentariat extraordinaire, the official “Ralph Nader of New Paltz,” and oh, so much more—has launched a blog! Bookmark! I suggested she call it “I Have Amazing Tits” but she somehow voted that down, I can’t imagine why. They seriously are spectacular.

Hooray for blogs and outspoken crazy passionate ladies! Hooray for Brittany!


3 Responses to “Brittany launches a blog!”

  1. Dustin Rhodes

    Brittany’s finger in Audrey’s mouth is kinda freaking me out.


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