Why those cheapie 99-cent “reusable” bags are (pretty much) scammy greenwashed crap.


You’ve probably felt that they are for a while, right? If your community is anything like mine, it is FLOODED with these ugly square monstrosities. All the non-radical environmental groups (there are so many, and I am glad for them, of course, and they get stuff done, for sure, but where’s the New Paltz Earth First!?) sponsor them and the Green Party is always getting asked to put our logo on them and sell them…..but I’ve never liked them deep in my bones. Partially it was because they aren’t made in the US and aren’t organic and because they are scratchy and ugly, but this article provides many more great reasons.


I really love reusablebags.com, on whose site that article is posted. I used to buy these black organic hemp bags for my meal delivery service, and they are such beauties, I can’t love them up enough. I use them every single day and have for six years or so, and they have never let me down. These days I use cooler bags for the meals, but the bags just keep on truckin’, from the grocery store to the kitchen and home and just everywhere. I bought them from reusablebags.com when they were first starting out, and they were such a pleasure to deal with, just sweet people running a super rad business. Six years ago I still remember their good customer service!

(I wonder if in six years people will remember all the passive-aggressive emails I send out every day? Example: “I’m sorry I told that person that you weren’t a registered Green Party member and they forwarded the email to you, Person X. I was confused by the fact that you worked for Obama for six months.”)

In other activisty news, blogreader Dustin (who works for an animal rights group full time and is thus living my childhood dream) has been providing me with lots of fascinating info on PETA’s ridiculousness. I’ve been forwarding it on to the Vegans Against PETA blog, so go check it out!


And finally. I’ve decided that Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette is the new inspiration for my hairstyles. This crappy iphone camera pic does not do justice to the such great heights my hair attained today, so imagine it quite higher in real life. I am now on a search for small plastic birds and things to tuck into it. Bonus: the dirtier it is, the better the style works, as I’m sure Marie would agree. The pre-Revolutionary French really knew their way around a head of hair, no?

Will this blog become a catalog of my hairstyles?

Only time will tell.

Will I Twitter as my cat Sula?

No, that was the great idea of yesterday.

Do I have a giant wooden (vegan) ice cream cone immediately inside my front door?


6 Responses to “Why those cheapie 99-cent “reusable” bags are (pretty much) scammy greenwashed crap.”

  1. Dustin Rhodes

    I just wanted to say: Your hair is astounding. Before reading, and on first glance, I thought you had a moo-shu pancake on your head. I thought that was pretty avant-garde.

  2. Dustin Rhodes


    I am so exciting about getting your truffles in the mail next week. I hope I can keep my grubby fingers off of them before my S.O.’s birthday!

  3. lagusta

    Really? You think so? Wow, that is really strange, thanks for letting me know! I don’t exactly see it, except that I think she sort of holds her head like I do, and in that I do totally see what you mean.

  4. brittany

    kirsten dunst as marie antoinette makes me want to kill myself. however, your interpretative hair stylings give me tremendous joy! i totally meant to tell you how gorgeous you looked (your pinks were a PERFECT match!!!) at the meeting but got distracted by the vibes throw down. and don’t worry — there is absolutely no such thing as “too” high!!!!! :)


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