hair, poetry…and what else is there, really?

Well, it’s done. “The woman is perfected,” as Sylvia would say. I’ve officially memorized all of Lady Lazarus. Local friends: please test me by demanding me to recite it the next time you see me! I can do it in this amazingly fast auctioneer voice that is quite impressive. My fastest time is 58 seconds [!!!!]–compare that to Sylvia’s 3.5 minutes. In fairness, perhaps Sylvia wasn’t exactly going for speed.

Ever since I heard about this guy on the radio who had memorized “The Great Gatsby,” I’ve been thinking that my memorization skills needed freshening up. In high school I memorized that long monologue in “Six Degrees of Separation” about “The Catcher in the Rye,” (as well as countless hideously cheesey quotes, and all of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and “Creeque Alley“), and I’ve got a few sonnets and snippets of poetry hanging around, but I think now that Lady Lazarus is conquered, I need a new mountain to scale. I’m thinking about Adrienne Rich’s 21 Love Poems. Now that would be impressive. “The Floating Poem, Unnumbered,” I’ve got that one down pat. So only…um, 21 to go.

In other completely utterly absolutely useless news:

As discussed the other day, the new hair plan is going pretty well. Though it means turning into someone I never thought I would be—someone who posts photos of their hair on the internet—I really can’t resist, so pleased am I with the new hair strategy (which can be boiled down to: dirty hair plus bobby pins plus a felt flower plus messy Frenchish twist):



OK, maybe that was a little too much height.



So, I didn’t wear this Sex and the City-esque flower out into the world, sadly. I wore a smaller one.

5 Responses to “hair, poetry…and what else is there, really?”

  1. ruby

    In college, when I took the train to school everyday (before I started riding a bike) I tried to memorize a poem a day on the
    T. “Ariel” was the only book of poems I memorized in its entirety. I definitely don’t still have them all down, but I bet I could get them back quickly if I tried. Was this at all inspired by that NYT article?

  2. lagusta

    Oh my gosh!! Your mad memorization skills have totally blown my mind! Wow.

    What NYT article? The one about her son committing suicide? That was tragic, indeed.

  3. lagusta

    Oh, you theater peeps! I admire your skills.
    That article was wonderful, I hadn’t read it! It inspired me to go ahead with the 21 Love Poems plan.

  4. brittany

    yet another one of the zillion reasons why i am completely in love with you. one of my many bizzare missions in HS was to memorize all of “ariel” and i did. every single last one. for absolutely no reason whatsoever except that it became cumbersome to lug the book around with me wherever i went but i couldn’t bear the thought of going a moment without each of those beautiful poems within my immediate grasp, you know, “just in case.” of course, now i remember shit. but i’ll gladly quiz you. :) xoxo <3


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