Bluestocking Bonbons at the Go Green Expo this weekend! And and and.

Some quick notes:

If you’re heading to the Go Green Expo in NYC this weekend, be sure to stop by Sarah & Megan’s Treeo Design booth, where they will be repping the new bonbons as well as their amazing recycled paper wrapping papers, boxes, and biodegradable ribbon.

Also: Than pointed out to me that Karen O (SWOON!!) wore blue stockings on Letterman last night—blue stockings are taking over!

Orlande, will you be mad if I post a link to your Bluestocking Bonbons awesomeness here? ‘Cause it SO made my day. I’m not sure if people can see it if they aren’t Facebookerz, but let’s see.

And can you believe I got another email from this lady? Just one snippet:

This is an opportunity  for you to have your product placed in the hands of some of
the most  influential celebrity mothers and their  children.!
We are nearing our deadline for  this opportunity so please reply  at your earliest convenience if this is  of interest!
Celebrity mothers remain a hot  media topic, so we  will be creating specialty
gift boxes for some of  Hollywood’s most talked about moms. Join us in acknowledging these
“working  mothers” [WTF WITH THE QUOTES?] with gifts for both them and their kids.

We will use our  direct access to top talent and our reputation for pampering the world’s  biggest trendsetters
to introduce the most fabulous of products to these  stars (and their families)
Celebrity  product placement is a  tried and true method of differentiating your product from  the
Please note that we have selected  celebrity moms who have children under the age of one;
your gift should  either be appropriate for a child this age or for a mother of any  age.

Shipping deadline:  April 27, 2009
(All products will  be packaged and delivered the week of May 4th, just in time for Mother’s Day  on May 10th)
Quantity:  30 (includes 5 Press  Samples)
Inclusion Fee: $1,500


imageHoly fuck, this turns my stomach.

Back to work!

2 Responses to “Bluestocking Bonbons at the Go Green Expo this weekend! And and and.”

  1. orlande

    so not mad! glad you enjoyed my wackness. i just adjusted the privacy settings so anyone can see it.

    ps use whatever name you want for me… whatevs!

  2. veronica

    Hellz yes to everything except the product placement thing.
    That’s so gross!


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