passova without ova! (matzo ball soup recipe)

I can’t let go of that dorky subject line!

Don’t you love it when your friends do items on your to do list?


That same day:


Thanks for helping Lacey with the Matzo Ball recipe.  Despite your previous attempts to get me to try your flax snot recipe, I hadn’t until this Saturday.  Amazing!  Thanks so much for this transformative knowledge!

I formalized and quadrupled your recipe in case you get the request again.  It is below.

Start boiling a large pot of heavily salted water in which to boil the Matzo Balls.

Make egg white substitute by boiling in a small pot 2 cups water and 1/3 cup flax seeds until water becomes viscous (approximately 10 minutes).  Strain it, reserving the clear viscous liquid and discarding (or using for something else [Lagusta note: you can reboil the seeds with fresh water for an only-slightly-weaker snot] the seeds.  This should yield just slightly more than needed for this recipe. [It also freezes well!]

Grind approximately 8 sheets of matzo to yield 2 cups of matzo meal.  Place into medium bowl. [Only dorks buy matzo meal!]

Whisk well 1/2 cup flax egg whites (from above), 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup plain seltzer water [last time I used leftover Champagne–highly recommended!], 1 Tbs. dill [dried] and salt and white pepper to taste.  Gently fold this into matzo meal.

Form matzo balls (1.5 inches in diameter should yield about 16) and boil them in heavily salted water for 15 minutes in a covered pot.  At 15 minutes, test one for consistency.  Might need to boil for as much as 10 minutes more.

-Randy (remember him? He wrote the awesome bike-buyer’s guide!)

How awesome is Randy? I especially love that he wrote it in the paragraph format, just like Bloodroot does!

I’ve been making this recipe for a few years now, I like it a lot. I was happy to read that awesome Isa also uses f.s.s. (flax seed snot) as a binder in her ballz too—great minds think alike!

Here is how I make the soup the balls go into:

I take out the balls and put them on a tray or whatever, then I make the soup with the ball-cooking water. It’s ball tea, if you will. I sauté chopped leeks, maybe some diced carrots, and a little chopped celery in a good bit of olive oil (don’t skimp on the oil, or your soup will taste suspiciously “vegan” to nonvegans who eat it, if you know what I mean. Think of how much schmaltz is in nonvegan m.b.s.!) until lightly browned. Then add the ball-cooking water and sometimes I add long strips of carrots (if you have a spiralizer, how pretty would carrot noodles be in it?), and maybe a few chopped ramps, which are usually around when I’m making this soup. The first dandelion leaves cluttering up your lawn would be great too, or the baby bits of sorrel that might be coming up in your garden. Finish it all off with freshly snipped chopped dill, or parsley (flat-leaf! My god, don’t get me started on curly parsley), or both. Put the balls in the serving bowls and serve the hot soup over them.

If you have leftover soup with balls that you just tossed into it, reheat it gently so the balls stay intact. Actually, I usually boil it up a bit because I love broken-up matzo ball soup, heretic that I am.

11 Responses to “passova without ova! (matzo ball soup recipe)”

  1. orlande

    It’s ball tea, if you will.
    am i the only 10 year old laughing at this? cuz with all that “teabagging” protest garbage, my mind is perpetually in the gut-TER.

    • lagusta

      Yeah, I had like 10 more ball jokes, many of which weren’t really related to matzo ball soup but managed to work in the word “teabagging,” that I took out.

  2. ruby

    Wish I’d had this when I made mine. It turned out super delicious, but I overcooked a bit and my balls turned out smaller and the soup thicker than intended. Maybe I’ll try again for our next potluck this Sunday. Finally, I now need to order one of the cheaper versions of a spiralizer.

    • lagusta

      OH! I almost added to not buy the cheapie plastic spiralizer. I have one, and it is NOT a pleasure to use. It’s annoying. I’ve heard good things about the nice metal Benriner one, I’ve got to trade up.

      I am on the case to think up names for your vegan potluck club, by the way! I don’t have anything yet…

  3. veronica

    Haha, I love the dorky subject line.
    Also, flax seed snot is my hero.


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