monday miscellany: links & locks


Hair project continues!  It was sort of old-ladyish that day. 1960s old ladyish, wouldn’t you say? I liked it. Bouffanty. Bouffanty would be a great name for a cat, no?

Randomness, GO!

Swine flu = caused by factory farms.

Conservatives = not understanding that Colbert is satire. I can’t decide which headline is scarier.

Vegans don’t have higher rates of calcium deficiencies than non-vegans. This is PAINFULLY OBVS (if anything it would be the other way around), but oh well. A client forwarded me this link, so I’ll pass it around.

Awww! My BFF Christy was profiled in this rad article in Portland Monthly! It was a while ago, but who cares? Babymamas who wear Chucks are so awesome, are they not?


Even though my camera seems to make all outside shots weirdly extra blue, those blue streaks are holding up quite nicely.That pin says “Jem” and it appeared in my house one day. Jem!

Wow. What IS this? Whatever it is, I like it. Upstate NY peeps arm wrestling wearing crazy outfits. Sure. I love it. Bring it on.

A blogreader has this fantastic blog: Vegan Brew. It’s so rare to find people who posses the magic combination of veganness, fermentation fetishism, and what seem to be great palates and seriously tasty chow. Keep up the good work!


Brittany took this one. What a rad photo!! And how odd that it was 90 degrees out on Saturday, yet no leaves on the trees.

I so so so SO adored Shortbus, didn’t you? And I am wildly in love with this dude (Jay Brannan) too. His song “Soda Shop” was a highlight of the movie. C*u*t*e!

Speaking of boys, the New Yorker article on Matthew and Michael Dickman, twin poets of amazing talent and possessors of adorable visages, was such a treat. I have this poem by Matthew tacked up in my kitchen, it knocks me out every time I walk by and glance at it.


Multi-tasking! As you can see, the Marie Antoinette has become a bit more of an Amy Winehouse. I think I’m getting better at doing it, though. I have a whole method now. Twist twist twist, pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin, then flip the top part (the leftovers from the French twisting) up high and back, then twist those into the back twist. Did you follow that?

And do you notice that my wardrobe seems to be 100% Jenny Lewis t-shirts? (See previous post!) I am pretty much a scavenger with no shame and will wear any free swag I can get my hands on. Also, Jenny Lewis is amazing and all that.

Oh, if by chance you’re looking for a math tutor, my neighbor Leigh is the best around. Check it. Leigh is the sweetest dude in the world.

This is pretty silly, but I was excited about this new show made by the creators of “Arrested Development,” “Sit Down, Shut Up.” I Hulu’d the first two episodes (Hulu has taken away all my “I don’t own a TV, I am better than you!” cred) and it’s merely deeply OK so far. This trailer is about five times as hilarious as the show.

HA! For some reason this just came up on my Google alert (Hi, my name is Lagusta, and I am a narcissist.): Jacob and Lagusta’s Top 12 Vegan Things of 2007, as reported to Team Love Records. It all seems weirdly dated now. Jacob wrote it for the most part: I do not eat Oreos!

(But I would, if they were in front of me…)


The thing about the hairstyle is that it sort of deflates as the day goes on, which is sort of a bummer.


I’m off to Mon-ray-ahl (as we say it in my hizzy [did I just say “hizzy”?]) for a few days to rescue my “lover” from the horrors of the indie rock world and hang out with my “sister-out-law.” Don’t worry, though, Veronica will be making chocolates, wooo! Here’s a secret: she does a better job than I do. For one thing, she doesn’t spend half the day arranging and taking pictures of her hair. That alone makes her a better chocolatier. Although…she’s not too shabby in the self-taken-portrait department, either:


Oh, the cute! It knocks me out.

À bientôt! À tout à l’heure! À la prochaine! Au revoir! (I’ve been practicing, can you tell?)

12 Responses to “monday miscellany: links & locks”

  1. brittany

    Many things…

    1. I can’t believe you told me your hair looked bad from the back. So beautiful!

    2. There’s a few ways you can get more staying power on your bouffanthives, but you might not like them. The first option is to tease your hair before you do it; this will eliminate any shine and make it very matte, but it will definitely hold up longer. If done too much or improperly, though, it will also definitely damage your hair like ridic. The second option is hairspray which will also make sure it stays pouffy, longer, especially if it’s hot or humid. You can do one or the other or a combo although I suspect you’re looking to do neither. The third option (which may be perfect) is to use a rat. A rat is basically a ball of old hair (you can take hair that has collected in your hairbrush, for example) that is rolled or balled and then inserted under your updo to give extra volume without using any chemicals or really damaging the hair that’s still attached to your head. This is a little gross but it’s how they did it in the good oldies so it’s good enough for me!

    3. I sent you an article from the ATMP on partner/lover/sweetheart/etc.

    4. Can we PLEASE go to the arm wrestle thing??? hahaha

  2. Maggie

    man, your hairstyles make me want to grow my hair long enough to experiment with styles like that. I have to second the whole ratting and hairspray, both will make your style last longer.

    “Sit Down, Shut Up” is a great show. I read on The Onion AV Club that it may not be around too much longer, which I assumed, but bummed me out anyway. All my fave shows get cancelled.

  3. Veronica

    Ahhhh, there are so many good links in this post!

    That brawl thing looks hilarious, and I sorta know one of the girls. And I’m going to the Black Swan on Friday to see Brown Bird Rudy Relic, I wonder if I’ll catch the brawl beforehand!

    I’ve been meaning to see Shortbus for a while. I met Bitch once, she was kind of obnoxious….

    That jem pin is awesome! And your hair looks awesome in all the pictures, too.

    Ha, I just realized my hands are reflected in my (cataract) sunglasses. Too funny.

  4. lagusta

    RATS! Wow. That totally freaks me out. Both collecting my hair to make one, and buying one. But I have been considering buying hairspray. I saw some at the health food store, who knew!
    I feel like the best solution to fit my, um, politics and lifestyle (i.e., the lifestyle of someone who doesn’t stuff gross old hair back into their head), is to redo my hair in the middle of the day to keep it fresh and not scraggly and nice and high. How is it that I am too lazy to shave my legs, yet I am now doing my hair twice a day? Blog post on that coming soon!

  5. TJ

    This may be quite late, you may not even have the same camera anymore, but if it is still giving a blue tint to all your outside shots you might want to make sure it is not set for fluorescent lighting. That’ll do it.


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