Brittany vs. Obama vs. The Green Party (spoiler alert: Brittany wins)


How can two people who share such exact thoughts on all matters political not share the same taste in shoes? I guess that’s what makes my friendship with Brittany Turner extra awesome—we’re not cookie cutter BFFs, which is cool. I have been blabbing to everyone I know (including on this here blog) about Brittany’s patented blend of insanity, ultra pink girliness and SHEER POLITICAL BRILLIANCE for about a year now, and I am tickled, well, pink, by the fact that her brand new blog combines all these weirdnesses and passions unapologetically. Fuck themed blogs. I love blogs that celebrate the multiplicity of people’s loves and hates and all the complexity and diversity that interesting people are always bursting with.

So, Brittany’s post evaluating Obama’s first 100 days (and comparing his positions to those of the Green Party) so perfectly sums up my feelings on O’Bombs that I am fairly tingly with happiness—now I don’t have to spend a lot of time expressing my extreme annoyance (but not disappointment—Obama is turning out exactly like I thought he would) with Mr. Perfect!  Someone’s already done it, better than I ever could! GO READ IT!

3 Responses to “Brittany vs. Obama vs. The Green Party (spoiler alert: Brittany wins)”

  1. lagusta

    I lost my nerve! I had it up, then I took it down! I’ll try to get nerve back up.


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