Best. Ever. I love especially that the dog is all, “I am a beautiful motherfucking dog, mofos!!” (But unbend your paw! I read somewhere that can give dogs arthritis, and ever since I’ve had an overwhelming urge to unbend dog and cat paws.)

Via TBTL, which also had a link to this truly heart-warming video of two cutie kids (see, I don’t always hate kids!) singing Pavement!

2 Responses to “xerxes”

  1. Maggie

    That is the best poster! That is the first thing that has made me smile all day.

  2. Katy

    I cannot stop laughing OUT LOUD at this – oh my god. So very awesome. Oh! The look on the dog’s face!! Oh no – I can tell I’m going to be having inopportune giggle fits over this all day tomorrow. Good heavens.


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