monday miscellany: wet like a cherry/from a bloodbath of birth


If you ever see a yellow spoonula (yeah, I said it) like that little lady up there, buy like 20. It will be your kitchen BFF forever. Yellow spoonulas of the world unite!

Black garlic—a fermented food I’d never heard of! I’m planning on buying some then trying to make it myself. I’m sure it’s bursting with multi-layered savory flavors. Woooo-umami!


Gays! Wanna get married, against my advice and that of other commenters on this very blog? Go to Connecticut to do it all legal and shit, and have your ceremony at Bloodroot! I just made this page for them advertising the beautiful wedding you could have at the 32-year-old restaurant, complete with a “licensed lesbian Justice of the Peace.” A licensed lesbian! It’s not every day that you see such a thing.


Jay Blotcher’s piece on the perfectly strange couple who run Jolly’s Good Grub in Saugerstock (or whatever that place between Woodstock and Saugerties is) in the new Edible Hudson Valley (that link is just to the table of contents, the article isn’t online) was just so Hudson Valley awesome. They are a couple married as a man and a woman, but who now live as two women. It all seems very complicated and post-revolutionary and I-reject-my-birth-certificate-y and it just warms my heart.


Snapping asparagus spears: Just one more thing your mama lied about (or, in my case: had no idea about in the first place). Harold McGee debunks the myth that it’s the right way to treat everyone’s favorite phallic vegetable (sorry, salisfy).


I’ve never heard of this band Cornelius, but Jacob just informed me that he saw one of their shows in Japan and it blew his mind so intensely that he pretty much died, and that the graphics show thingie thing behind the band was off the hook too, and that they have a girl drummer (my special weakness), so I’ve been YouTubing them and sort of dying a little myself. Time to go to Japan again perhaps! They are a wee touch too proggy/math rocky for me to totally die, but good to watch while chopping asparagus, for sure. They remind me a touch of my sweet sweet sweet loves The Faint, especially the amazing lightshow.


Peeps be blogging about their love for the lusciousness!


Sorry babymamas, but oh boy, this sums up what I so often feel about The Pregnants. The two coolass girls who make up Garfunkel and Oates, Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, are my new go-to YouTube faves. One part Flight of the Conchords, 1/2 part Riot Grrl and eighty thousand parts cute as shit = YUMS.

Oh, speaking of The Pregnants, my friend Liz, who is not a Smug Pregnant at all, is about to have a baby any second. What’s up with that baby, Liz? Pop it on out and let me bring you some post-preggo whisky!

And!! Late-breaking news! I JUST found out that one of my very closest girlfriends is pregnant, and if there is anyone who would appreciate the above clip without being offended by it, it’s her. I totally cried in happiness for her when she told me she was poppin’ out kid #2. Feministy pregnancy issues are her life’s work, so it’s more than awesome for her to be pregnant again. When I called her up (two seconds after getting a long email that ended all stupid-casual with the throwaway closer “Oh, did I mention that I’m pregnant again?”), we had a great conversation about a Facebook “discussion” she is having because someone posted an abortion “joke” (it involved calling aborted fetuses “children”) that wasn’t funny and she responded.

One of the points she made in the argument was “Aborted fetuses are not children. They are medical waste. Or donatable tissue samples. Ask anyone who works at any abortion clinic. We know the facts.” Her telling it like it is made me love her harder than I ever have before, though when I declared my intention (via a Facebook status update, of course) to get t-shirts made up that said “aborted fetuses are medical waste” she very wisely pointed out that “I think out of context it might get misinterpreted. Like, abortion is wasteful—which it’s not. It’s a great way to conserve resources.”

God damn, I fucking love my friends.

2 Responses to “monday miscellany: wet like a cherry/from a bloodbath of birth”

  1. Jordan

    I saw the page on bloodroot, I always go to bloodroot first then hit the links page and come here!
    I Want to have a wedding at bloodroot! However I never want to be married. By the way you did a great job on that page!

  2. veronica

    Oooh, black garlic sounds scary and awesome.

    I love Jolly’s! It’s so adorable and quaint, I can’t wait to read the article!


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