Monday Miscellany: trifles, truffles, trimesters, tits, and truths.

2 AM on Monday night is still Monday, if you ask me.


Sydney, my sweetheart’s mom’s too-cute-for-words pup

Scrapbookin’: LL’s BBs mentioned in the PokJo!


This email made my life:

Hi, Lagusta—it’s [my awesome client]. I just have a quick question for you: do you have a record or remember when I  started getting food from you? Someone asked me how long I’ve been a vegan and I just didn’t know…let me know if you know.
I really love your food and am now completely into being a vegan and an animal rights activist.
Keep up the good work!
[My awesome client]”

Even more awesomely, the answer is: January 2005!



I’m not exactly hating on her, because her book looks moderately interesting, but I think it’s weird that this Ayelet Waldman (wife of Michael Chabon) lady gave a fairly professional, intellectual interview to LenLo last week (the comments on it are hilarious, by the way, gotta love those WNYC jaded listeners!), as well as a weepy, no-details-about-the-abortion-spared, secrets-spillin’ interview to Terry Gross on Fresh Air (and, as befitting a national NPR audience, the comments are pretty ridic.). Were they edited this way, or did she tailor her responses to fit the tone of the shows, or was it a coincidence, or what? Either way, I can’t say I respect anyone with 4 kids (I’m an old school ZPGer*), but I sure like this lady’s crazy honesty.

Terry was mad shook up by her frankness though. Here is the actual transcript: “Well, well Aye-, Ayelet, I, I, I really appreciate how much pain, um, this abortion caused, and, wh-, what what it’s like to, to, you know, re-, re-, reveal the first one you had, I, I, I just want to thank you for, —you know, sharing that part of your life with us, so. Let me, let me tell our guests who I’m I’m I’m speaking to. My guest is Ay-, Ay-, Ayelet Waldman…”

It look me about twenty listens to type that all out, but it was worth it: I love it when Terry gets flustered!


The only difference (well, let’s say, the major difference) separating the nouveau hipster burlesque thing from the old school stripping thing is class consciousness: my feelings exactly. It started out being truly interesting and subversive and—quelle surprise—has devolved into cash and ass. Totes.


Hey, Veronica, look! We were just talking about the giant cooking-beans-in-salted-water debate!


And to end on a downer: this Troy Davis fiasco is just horribly depressing.


*Which reminds me: over the years, a few feministy mothery women have told me that the “I’m allowed to openly hate any couples with more than 2 kids” zero population growth argument I always spout doesn’t hold water from an environmentalist point of view. No one has ever explained why I should change my position to my satisfaction, so I’m staying ZPG-smug (technically I am negative population growth smug, which is very smug indeed) unless someone smarter than me changes my mind. Give it a try! I’d like to hear your best! Until then, I will be the one glaring at the families of three and above. (Full disclosure: I glare at all families! But you knew that.)

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