victory: chickpea-brown rice tempeh! Now it’s your turn!

After whining about my tempeh failures, I wanted to toss up a few pictures of the gorgeousness of what I think is going to become my default house tempeh: soy-free chickpea-brown rice tempeh! So tasty, so easy.




Fried up with pomegranate juice and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t really remember right now, but it was tasty!

To make it, just follow the basic tempeh recipe and use 1/2 chickpeas and 1/2 brown rice. I used short grain brown rice and chopped it up a bit in the food processor when raw, then cooked it super underdone-like.

Let me know how it goes for you!

18 Responses to “victory: chickpea-brown rice tempeh! Now it’s your turn!”

  1. kt

    looks delish, but tempeh is always a bitter hard sell for me.

    congrats on your decision/announcement/appointment/whatev to continue to chair the np gp. good, fun times to be had i hope.


    • lagusta

      Yeah, commercial tempeh is horribly bitter and useless. Homemade tempeh is sweet and lovely.

      There is some sort of metaphor there about the Green Party, isn’t there, but I’ve had too much sake to connect the dots overtly…at any rate, thanks!

  2. Joshua May

    bawww I’m so jealous

    not long ’til I reach North America now – tempeh starter shall be mine! muahhah

  3. lagusta

    Yep, I let it cool until it’s pretty dry, just out at room temp.
    I chop the chickpeas just by processing them in the food processor for a few seconds, then I cook them slowly–the hulls float to the surface and I just skim them off!

  4. AQ

    Hi Lagusta! I’m going to give your chickpea-brown rice tempeh a whirl, and I was just wondering – if you’re using dry chickpeas (which I was assuming you did, correct me if I’m wrong!) do you soak the chickpeas before chopping them in the processor and cooking them, or do you chop them dry and then throw that into the pot to cook?
    Thanks for all your help! I’m so excited about some delicious homemade tempeh! :)

    • lagusta

      Good question! We start with dry chickpeas and cook them (pretty underdone, about 2/3 cooked) then chop ’em in the food processor. I’ve chopped then cooked them, and that’s fine too, but it strains the old Cuisinart. :) These days we do a mix of half chickpeas and half local kidney beans. It’s really nice. Have fun!

  5. AQ

    Thanks so much Lagusta! You and your website have been very helpful! :)

    • lagusta

      “super underdone-like” means that you don’t want to cook the rice all the way, it should still be slightly crunchy.

  6. Anton Ferreira

    Lagusta, Gemcultures no longer sells tempeh culture. Where to next?


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