discerning brutes!


by Will Bryant

You know how I, like, hate dudes?

Of course, there are a few dudes I like. My boychik, like three other straightish boys, all my gayboy friends, and that’s about it. For all those bros, and for womens who like reading about thinking/hipstery/sweetly awesome boy-things, do you know about The Discerning Brute? You should! Good vegan products and info written by vegan gadfly Joshua Katcher—check it out!

I was pointed to it, weirdly, by two people within five minutes, both blog readers! Kara emailed Joshua & I to see if I could donate some chocos to an event he’s involved with (yes! Also, this event is at Peter Max’s studio, and his wife Mary Max used to be a client of mine, ah, that small NYC vegan world…), then in the next minute, Dustin emailed to tell me he had a cute little piece up on Joshua’s site.

Fate, mofos! I has it.

At any rate, I also has a fondness for boy shoes, so I am excited to make TDB a stop on my regular internet rounds. Yay!

2 Responses to “discerning brutes!”

  1. Dustin Rhodes

    I have to avert my greedy eyes from DB sometimes, because it makes me want things I didn’t want or know existed five minutes ago. You know?


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