I’m just going to call it all right now, OK?

I have absolutely no insider information informing these predictions—merely hearsay, gossip, and what I’ve honestly pulled out of thin air. But I’m going to call it anyway, just for kicks. Not enough in this world is done for kicks, if you ask me.

In November:

  • Kitty Brown will win reelection to the New Paltz Town Board. All to the good, in my mind.
  • Jeff Logan will not re-run for his seat on the TB, because
  • Jeff Logan will successfully run for Supervisor. This, too, could be all to the good. I find Jeff to be competent and sensible, two qualities always lacking in local government. His politics are, no doubt, not exactly lined up with mine, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough overlap that I can’t support him. (None of these predictions should be construed, however, as endorsements by me or the Green Party or indications of who I’ll be voting for. I’m not sure about any of that yet.)
  • Jeff’s vacant Town Board seat will be grabbed by a to-be-determined Green!
  • Ridiculous business-as-usual Highway Superintendent Phil Johnson will be unseated by Mike Nielson, another good development.

Anyone up for placing some bets?

One more bit of local business:

I HAVE A BEEF. Apparently there will be a meeting of the New Paltz Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee this coming Wednesday. Toni apparently (someone please correct me if I’m wrong on anything here) hand-picked these Steering Committee members without input from anyone. I’m not going to pretend this isn’t a personal beef: I have been to every Comprehensive Plan meeting, and submitted my resume and a letter of introduction to three people on three different occasions asking to be considered for this committee. Apparently all the members are people who have deeper ties to development/Town issues than me, and I will be the first to admit that I am not that knowledgeable about the Comprehensive Plan process, or, for that matter, how the town works at all, in any way. But how are curious, passionate citizens supposed to learn that shit if they aren’t on committees? It seems to me that there should be a space on the Steering Committee for at least a few citizens who are not professionals in the field of development/planning and don’t already sit on any town boards or committees, but are eager to learn, do hard work, and contribute to the process in any way possible.

Also, my emails mentioning my interest were never returned (except for one time when Toni encouraged me to come to the general meeting) and I was never contacted to say that I had been turned down. In short, I feel snubbed. I was asked to be on a teeny little focus group committee thingie with a bunch of other people that seemed utterly useless, and that’s it. I want to be on the Comprehensive Plan Update Steering Committee, and I’m going to worm my way onto it, by golly. My next strategy is to just doggedly come to all the (mind-blowingly boring, I might add) meetings and wait for the inevitable deadbeats on the Steering Committee to fail to show. Persistence: wait until you see how much of it I have, town of New Paltz.

4 Responses to “I’m just going to call it all right now, OK?”

  1. kt

    it would be nice to get a green on the board but i dig kitty and jeff.

    jeff is not running for supervisor.. i will even wager with you on that one – how much chocolate vulvas you got?

    kitty and mike – yahoooooooo!

    the town comprehensive plan process is an f’in disaster. but i agree… we should not give up on it no matter how hard they try to fail us!

  2. lagusta

    Hmm…well, I better defer to your knowledge, which I’m sure is more legit than mine. :)
    Sooooo, who are we going to get to defeat Toni? I like Toni a lot, but I am losing confidence that she represents what I care about. It’s pretty sad. She’s for Crossroads, against the moratorium, etc etc. Ugh.


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