New New Paltz farmer’s market starts today!


Farmer’s Market visionary (and teller of hilarious dirty jokes) Billiam

My pal Anne has the scoop:

Hello everyone,
The wait is over!  The Farm Market is back at Robins Market.  We will be outdoors for the summer with several new vendors selling fresh produce, grass fed meats, cheese, maple syrup and a delightful array of pastry baked especially for the market shoppers using many local and organic ingredients.
The first market will have several types of greens including swiss chard, kale, arugula,  salad mixes, head lettuce, fresh oregano, dill, chives, and seedlings for your own garden in addition to all the other items mentioned above.  We hope to see you this friday as well as every friday from 4pm until dusk.

Don’t worry if the weather does not cooperate …we have a great indoor space to move into!

Please send this to your friends and help us to build a great market.  We are always looking for new vendors and are interested in people willing to run workshops about food.
In addition we hope have local artists and musicians later in the summer so please let us know if you are interested.
Thanks so much for your support!

More info here!

2 Responses to “New New Paltz farmer’s market starts today!”

  1. orlande

    tell me, how does one go about feeding “meat”? that makes NO sense.

  2. lagusta

    god, i know. Everyone is all about it here, and it just drives me nuts. Because everyone knows that somehow the fact that the cows ate grass means that they are happy to die for our dinners. Ugh, fuck, etc.


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