two days, 25 hours

For some reason, a few weeks ago I took pictures of my cooking workweek: two hectic days of hardcore cooking (lest you think I only work two days a week—horrors!—those are followed by one day off for recovery, two days of chocolate work, one day of paperwork, and another day off if everything goes well).


I love the pretty morning kitchen light.



Puttanesca sauce with fresh broccoli, fava beans, and spinach fettuccine


Miso-glazed peas and carrots

Koshari – Middle Eastern lentils and rice with elbow noodles, roasted heirloom tomato sauce, and crispy onions—and the last of the homemade paprika



White bean and rosemary soup with greens, or something like that, I can’t quite remember the actual title




Mixed lettuces with cocoa-spiced almonds and reduced balsamic vinaigrette with chives



African yam and groundnut (peanut) stew with millet

Green beans with shredded coconut and mustard seeds, which I completely forgot to take pictures of.




Strawberry shortcake with biscuits


Doesn’t this strawberry look like a mouse, or a bear, or something?


6 Responses to “two days, 25 hours”

  1. Jordan

    Wow what a wonderful job you do. That Koshari looks soooo good! Do U ever share your recipes? How did you make home made paprika?

  2. lagusta

    Heya Jordan,

    OK, I don’t really have a recipe for the koshari. Here are some guidelines:
    Cook up some lentils and rice with a whole lot of caramelized onions cooked in a lot of olive oil and cook some paprika (I mix sweet and hot) in with it. I sometimes add cooked greens or roasted sweet peppers in too, which are nice. Cook up your pasta (elbows) and toss it all together with lots of salt, then top it with more fried onions. Yum!

    Oh, homemade paprika is easy to make: just grow or buy some paprika peppers (a kind of pepper!) or any hot pepper, really, then dry them (I take out the seeds and ribs first) in the sun, in a dehydrator, in a very low oven, or in whatever works for you. Then just powder it all in a spice grinder (a coffee grinder).

    Katy: wow, so I guess I really do complain about being busy a lot! I’ve got to go have this thing called “fun” at some point before this summer slips away. : (

    • lagusta

      Yeah, that’s exactly what it is! The tomato sauce + pasta + crispy onions on top just gild the lily.


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