perfect day, pretty much.

Got up at the ungodly early hour of 10:30 AM.

Took pictures of three cats all snuggly next to me in bed with crappy phone camera. Photos blurry but adorable.


Cleo, mid-midmorning bath; Noodle, lovey as always.

Email phone calls blah blah.


Finished cycling laundry load #1, hung up on clothesline.

Began cycling laundry load #2.

Mowed lawn with electric mower.


Weeding. More mowing. Extreme thirst.

Water, email, Facebook. Narrowly averted getting into a giant stupid horrible fight about veganism with a friend of a friend on Facebook.

Cycled laundry #2 whilst talking to sweetheart (en route in Minneapolis) about narrowly-averted fight. Decided and felt thankful for the millionth time that without level-headed sweetheart with which to work through massive amounts of annoyance, I would spontaneously combust.

Vacuumed and mopped entire house.

Minestrone + Martha Stewart Living on the patio.

Shower, hair washing, leg shaving (!!!), weekly general bodily tuneups and maintenance.

Post office drop off (“Anything fragile, perishable, liquid, or hazardous?” “Just chocolate vulvas, as usual.”)

Computer work in café.

Dinner with a pal: black bean soup in a sourdough bread bowl, chocolate stout; talking about where our lives are going, the importance of balance, whether or not we exercise (mostly we don’t) and whether or not we should (yes).

Email, paperwork, facebook, blogging, cat petting.


The New Yorker.


4 Responses to “perfect day, pretty much.”

  1. nico

    your day sounds pretty much perfect! about your sweetheart & Minneapolis…I think I read somewhere on here that he’s involved with various bands, so does this mean there might be some interesting music here to check out soon? also, thank you so much for the book tips–I found quite a few c. Adams in the lib!

  2. steve

    If we define ‘cycle’ as “one of a succession of periodically recurring events” (physics); then, yes, cycling laundry load #1 can be seen as correct English. But, boy, if the internet is any indication, this usage is far rarer than one would expect!


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