who cares?


Yes, after these strawberry tarts with almond crust and chamomile-lavender coconut cream I am pretty much going to quit my regular job and move around the country with seasonal strawberries, making strawberry tarts in every town until they go out of season, then packing up my paring knife and tart pans and moving to the next strawberry harvest, how did you know?



Apparently all of Facebook (which, horrrifyingly—extra r for the extra horror—, has become how I measure what the big news stories of the day are) really really cares about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both dying today. I feel sorta horrible saying this, but I sort of don’t. I mean, I care because they were (to varying degrees) fairly decent people (one a lot more than the other, of course) and fairly young and it’s sad when people die. But it doesn’t mean anything to me, and I’m having one of those weird moments where I realize that everyone sort of grew up with Michael Jackson and I grew up with, like, the soundtrack to Hair. It’s a strange feeling. Pop culture—I’m just not that into it.

Happy am I, however, to have a blog where I can deposit such random strange feelings. I can now go off to sleep safe in the knowledge that should anyone be wondering what I think about MJ’s death in the next seven hours in which I am out of commission, my bases are covered. What would we do without the internetz? Why is adding extraneous “z”s to words so rad?


Must. stop. taking. pictures. with. camera. phone.

5 Responses to “who cares?”

  1. brittany

    thank youuuu for this. i was getting bombarded with phone calls about various celebrity deaths that i felt compelled to blog about it, too, and was totally confused as to why i should actually care…

  2. Liz

    And honestly, why is everyone acting so shocked about MJ? He has been looking kind of corpse-y for years. And might I remind everyone that he was several times accused of being a child molester? And even if he wasn’t that, he did outright admit to some pretty inappropriate behavior with young boys. So yeah, big fat “m’eh” to this bit of news.

  3. Dani

    i am one of those people who spent their early childhood wanting to marry MJ (and listening to Doly Parton and Loretta Lynn on my record player)…so yeah, I was sad for a second…but not so much about his death being sad, but that his really disturbed existence was such a waste. A child abuse survivor (I can relate), perhaps perpetrator, someone so very evidently unhappy with himself: all-around tragic case.

    Also, I feel somehow obligated to counter the assholes who are acting like it’s GOOD that someone DIED. These are the same people who love to love the death penalty, and I cannot abide that way of thinking for even a second.

    • Dani

      Dolly, rather…
      Oh, my typos are so lame, but I am just always in a hurry.

      I totally agree that MJ’s death wasn’t a shock. And that FF’s was so much more tragic – cancer is truly nightmarish way to live/die.

  4. veronica

    Dudette! Even though I made an update about it (well, basically how I don’t have to worry about MJ molesting me now), I honestly don’t give a crap that he’s dead. I wasn’t going to admit that to anyone though, because I thought it made me a horrible person, so I’m really glad you admitted it too!


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