Argh, I can’t stand it when I have a super negative post up and it’s the first thing people see when they come to the blog. No time for a real post now, lemon cupcakes with lavender icing and edible flowers (you know the ones) need to be made, NYC trips need to be taken, long-distance sweethearts soon need to be kissed. Until I have some computer time, here’s a preview of some prettiness to come in the form of (not quite tempered) chocolate poetry. Be excited! Poetry in chocolate as a form of postmodern unification of the signifier and the signified? YES, how did you guess?


3 Responses to “placeholder”

  1. Donna

    Oooh those cupcakes – why don’t you and Veronica move your culinary operations to Chatham ???

    P.S. – I enjoy all of your posts . Did that truffles order ever come through ? Someday, I would like to do an article on the stuff that we vegan small business owners hear/deal with as we politely try to make a living. Just as a preview for you, I had a guy come into my store last year who asked if I could smell the meat on him !


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